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How To Migrate To Canada

This question How to migrate to Canada is on the search result of 50% of individuals intending to seek greener pastures from their home country.

Thousands of foreigners migrate to Canada yearly and this number is always increasing.

The Canadian government has made it super easy to migrate to Canada with  different programs put in place to enable foreigners, especially those who are skilled  and can contribute to the immense developmental growth currently going on in Canada.

The various economic class immigration programs available for immigrants to choose from makes it a whole lot easier to migrate to Canada.

The program you choose depends on your goals or aim of traveling to Canada but whichever one you choose, the Canadian policy is quite friendly to enable you to relocate to Canada without so much hassle.

Canada is a beautiful country with a fast-growing economy. Her citizens are highly welcoming to foreigners and this makes it really easy  to adapt and blend in the moment you arrive in Canada.

If you believe Migrating to Canada will help you achieve your dreams and desire, we are here to make it much easier for you to achieve your aim.

Keep reading to see the different ways you can easily migrate to Canada, I can assure you that one of these many ways will work just fine for you.

 Canada needs you to achieve some of its goals as a country, so be rest assured that if you follow the process correctly, you will be saying goodbyes and smiling to Canada soon.


EXPRESS ENTRY PROGRAM- If you are a skilled person then this is the right program that will help you migrate to Canada.

In this program, you are invited to apply for a Canadian visa if you score high in the ranking system.

To be qualified to be ranked, you must first submit your profile to the pool. Here you are scored based on the content of your profile application(includes age, work experience, skill and so many others).

The entry system manages applications for three Canadian immigration programs: The federal skilled workers program, The skilled trades program and The Canadian experience class.

Once a profile is submitted and reviewed, eligible candidates are given a comprehensive score based on their age, work experience, education and official language proficiency. Candidates with the highest score get invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence through Express entry draw which usually takes place every two weeks. The Canadian government  processes applications for Express entry into Canada in 6 months.

Don’t worry, if you don’t get selected, you can always submit your profile again but I’m hopeful you will be selected.

AS AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT- Traveling as an international student is another super easy way to migrate to Canada. Firstly you get to enjoy world class education and then you get to choose whether to remain permanently after your studies.

I know it sounds too good to be true but this is one easy way to get your dreams of migrating to Canada started. While studying, with a student work permit you are eligible for employment, you study and work at the same time and that increases your chances of staying back after completing your study program.

You can get this process started by enrolling online for government approved institutions that can send you an admission letter which you need to start processing your immigration Visa as a student. Research on school websites to get started.

CANADIAN INVESTORS IMMIGRATION- This is the easiest way designed for high net worth individuals who are ready to invest their money in Canada. This could be by buying a property and allowing it to sit for years, it can also be setting up a business in Canada while still in your home country.

Investing in Canada is more like contributing to its economic growth and with this, migrating to Canada is really easy. Your investment makes you a truly needed person in Canada and when you decide to migrate, you are accepted easily.

There are two major types of investor programs; the federal investor program and the Quebec program, they are both similar and require you to be financially capable of Investing for a five-year period. These kinds of immigrants are allowed to bring in their spouse and children as dependents on their application.

SECURING A JOB WITH WORK PERMIT- A work permit is a license or permission to work in Canada. As an immigrant, you will have to apply for jobs in your area of strength. The moment you get a job, the rest they say is history.

Sometimes your workplace helps smoothen the process of finally moving to Canada or you simply use the job offer or invitation letter to apply for a Visa.

Make sure the organization is a government registered firm or company, with that your migration is very certain.

FAMILY CLASS SPONSORSHIP- This remains a cornerstone of Canada immigration policy, with these  families living in Canada can sponsor their relatives to come to Canada on a permanent basis.

Eligibility to send such an invitation entails you have a permanent residency or be a Canadian citizen. You are allowed to bring your spouse and children under the age of 22. Unfortunately grandparents are not allowed for permanent residency but can visit with a visitor visa.

USING A VISITING VISA- With a visitor visa you can make plans to solidify migrating to Canada. Upon landing in Canada, you make necessary contacts and connections that will help make your intentions become a reality.

You can also go to companies that need your services and make enquiries while also getting their contact. By the time you come back from visiting, you then unleash your plan in full whilst using those contacts and connections.

One thing the above options say is that,there is something or a way made just for you.Any of the options you get to choose will help you migrate to Canada.

Don’t worry so much, Canada is a beautiful country with great advancement and an ever growing economy. Deciding to move there is a great decision, now what’s left is you choosing which of the many ways to migrate to Canada you find more suitable.

Make your choice based on your intent, capabilities and experience and then begin the process of actually getting your intent into action.

Feel free to ask any question when you finally make a choice and we will be right here to help make your dreams come true.

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