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Canada Student Visa-How To Apply

Canada has one of the best institutions you can imagine and the beautiful thing is that immigrating to Canada as a student is a very achievable feat.

 Canada is a beautiful country with an economy that’s always evolving and the standard of living very high.

Migrating to Canada with a Canadian student Visa is a double win for anyone as you are exposed to world class education and several life changing opportunities.

Canada does not only allow you to study in the country, it also allows you to incorporate into the system even after studying.

This has made Canada the top choice for international students who are looking to either advance their studies or start up entirely.

More than 50 percent of international students will choose to study in Canada for its numerous opportunities,its diversities and the many privileges that comes with being in the country.

Who wouldn’t want to have a life changing encounter and express schooling in an advanced country like Canada.

The answer is almost every person seeking international studies has considered Canada because of the ease and the Canadian student visa which surprisingly is easy to get if you have the right information.

The one thing standing in your way if becoming a Canadian student is getting started with the application process.

Did I hear you ask how you can apply for a Canadian student Visa?

Don’t worry, this article was written with you in mind and I can assure you that after reading this detailed article, you will be in the next batch of Canada students waiting to take a flight and begin their journey.

Here are steps and documents you need that will fasten your application and study in Canada.

Documents you need to facilitate your Canada student visa processing.

  • You need an acceptance letter from a designated government approved institution in Canada.
  • A valid passport or travel document that will enable you to return to your country after studying.
  • A financial proof that suggests you can take care of yourself while in Canada.
  • A transcription of your previous results.
  • Two recent passport-sized photograph with name and date at the back
  • A letter of intent
  •  A medical report that shows that you are in good health.
  • English proficiency results; this is usually for people who are not from countries with English as their first language. Check to know if you will be needing one.

Once you have all the documents readily available then you can proceed with your visa application.

Steps to apply for a Canada Student Visa

  • Apply at a Canadian University and get acceptance results:  

Search or research on the best institution offering the discipline you would want to pursue a career in.

Make sure to check for the school requirement on the school website to be sure you meet the requirements.

Once you’ve decided and qualified, start your school application and wait to get started. Once the school accepts your application and sends you an admission letter, your processing is the next thing.

Don’t worry, the next step is very easy now and your dream of becoming a student in Canada is about to come true.

  • Start Your Application: with the application letter from a government recognised institution you are ready to apply for your visa using the admission letter you just got. The student visa is known locally as a study permit.
  • Once you’re ready to get started the next move is to go to the Citizenship and immigration Canada website (CIC) then you can apply for your student visa online.

Make sure you have all you need like a scanner and  printer before you get started with your application.

Fill out the forms correctly and submit relevant documents online. If it happens that you are unable to submit this document online you can send them via post to the Canadian immigration office where they get to examine your application and either accept or reject it.

Remember to submit all relevant application documents listed above and also submit your general medical report if requested.

If you fail to submit any of the above documents listed you may have to start your registration from the beginning. A registration fee is also applicable for each time you register.

Student visa application processing usually takes about 2 to 3 months.

  • Biometric appointment and Interview: This depends on your country of origin, as some countries do not need to take the biometry.

 If your country falls into those countries that need biometric capturing, It means you will have to visit a visa application centre to have your biometrics captured.

Processing your Canada student visa  can take about two weeks or one month, having a family member working in Canada or that recently applied for a work permit can make your processing time really short.

Note that your Canada visa expires 90 days after completing your study. You can stay back in Canada and travel and explore within that time.

If it’s your intent to remain in Canada after studying, within that 3 months given after studies, you can apply for a Canada work permit which allows you to take a full-time or part-time work in Canada or even be self-employed, this is the only way you can remain in Canada after you must have completed your study program.

Now with all this information, you can start applying and achieving your desire of migrating to Canada as a student.

Wishing you all the best as you keep chasing your dream of studying in Canada.

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