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See List Of Hundred Level Courses Offered In Nigeria

Hundred Level Courses Offered In Nigeria

Hundred Level Courses Offered In Nigeria: This article is a special package designed for students who blasted waec, Jamb, Post Utme and currently admitted to study in the higher institution. Once again, I say a big congratulations to you guys.

The beauty of gaining admission is that you would no longer be offering subjects, but courses. No more teachers but lecturers….. Instead of classes, you will now be receiving lectures in lecture theatres. Isn’t it interesting?

Now, every hundred level student wants to know about university life and how the school he or she is admitted into set their questions. Of course, this is a very intelligent query. It is good to know how the University looks like and courses they offer before you finally resume lectures.

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The first thing you should know is that the University is not as beautiful as painted; neither is it as ugly as not painted (lol).

It is a very different experience from secondary school. You have the freedom to do whatever you want (whether to pass or fail, to attend classes or not, etc). Your parents won’t be there to chastise you… However, the law of cause and effect would always catch up with you.

Back to the topic we are discussing today, General Studies And Other Courses Offered In Hundred Level. In every University, there are general courses, while others are optional. General Studies are courses offered by everyone in the University; irrespective of your study course.

Unilag, OAU, UI, Uniben, Unilorin, AAU, Lasu, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Futo, Futa, Unilorin, Abu Zaria, Funai, Funab and others offer general studies. Therefore, you don’t have any excuse not to learn one or two things from this interesting topic.

Philosophy and Logic is a general course offered by almost every (if not all) Universities in Nigeria. Another general study course in hundred level is English and Use of Library. Then we have the Philosophy of science and Technology and Nigerian People and Culture. In summary, hundred level general courses are:

  • Philosophy and Logic
  • English and Use of Library
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Nigerian People and Culture
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution

You would likely do more than 4 General courses in your hundred level. One thing about general studies courses is that you won’t graduate until you pass all. Your best bet is to fall in love with all your GST course.

For Uniben, AAU and many other Universities, they offer five GST courses in year one; two GST in first semester and three in second semester. Their general studies courses are:

  • Philosophy and logic.
  • English and Use of Library.
  • Nigeria People and Culture.
  • Peace and conflict resolution.
  • A course on Science and Technology.

GST courses don’t carry much credit like other major courses; usually two credit load or less. However, you must pass all your GST before you can graduate. They are very easy to pass if you are serious. I had 4 As and a B in the 5 GSTs I offered in Uniben 100L.

You may be wondering, is it only GST? what about other courses offered in year one? We are getting there gradually…

Other courses offered in 100L are similar to what you did in secondary school. The only difference is that they are advance form and with new names. For example, Mathematics would be abbreviated and referred to as MTH, and Physics would be abbreviated as PHY. They would be given funny names. Another thing is that you would be exposed to practicals in the science field.

Common names of courses you would hear in 100L are ECO, BUS, MTH, PBB, AEB, PHY, CHE and so on.

The Number of courses offered in year one range from 6 to 14. Don’t be afraid of the number. Most times, a subject would be divided into two parts and given different names and credits. E.g, you could do MTH111 and MTH112 in the same semester.

How does hundred level look like? It is all about stress and fun. Trust me, life in the University is fun and would teach you a whole lot of things. The only problem is that mistakes made in 100L go a long way to affect your entire stay in the University. The articles below would guide you throughout your 100L in the University.

Feel free to ask me any question regarding life at the University. I will be very glad to answer you. I wish you the very best….. Proud of You

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