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SSCE Date Of Birth – How To Change Neco/Waec Date Of Birth Guide

Neco/Waec Date Of Birth

How to correct date of birth on Neco/Waec, If you made a mistake in your date of birth during Neco/Waec Registration, you don’t need to panic. It is very possible for you to change your date of birth even after you have registered Neco/Waec or written the SSCE Examination.

In this article, I will teach you how to change or correct mistakes in Your Neco or Waec date of birth. Before I proceed, I really recommend that you go through my article on When is Waec 2021? – See Exam Date And Everything You Must Know by clicking here.

How To Change Neco/Waec Date Of Birth

kindly write to the exams body office in the state of the exams.

  1. If internal exams, do that through the school principal or exams officer. They will handle it with a moderate fee.
  2. If private candidates i.e GCE students, write directly to the exam body and submit personally at the counter.
  3. You will need to prepare all relevant documents along including your official birth certificate or court affidavit.
  • Note: WAEC had stopped all amendments of date of birth on certificates. However, the solutions can still work if you make the amendment before they prepare your final certificate. In other words, the correction has to be done as soon as possible – not when the certificate had been prepared or issued.

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I hope you found this article on Neco or Waec change of Date of birth useful? Feel free to share with your friends and don’t fail to drop your comment below. I will be very glad to hear from you in this article.

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  1. Am not using Muhammad the correct one is Muhammed

  2. Please ma/sir l can’t really remember if l change my date of birth during my neco registration in 2015 but 2016 l open my bank account with my date of birth.then l use the one on my account to do my birth certificate.but now l want to enter school l use my date of birth that l know off to fill my school form,but l don’t know if that is what is in my waec and neco and am not close to village where l wrote the exam what do l do pls

  3. Does original neco certificate bear date of birth??
    Plss I need your response.

  4. I made a wrong date of birth on my neco exam and the result is out what can I do pls

  5. Is there any format or template to follow when writing to the exam body to change your age on neco.

  6. How to clarify me neco date of birth without taking another examination, and how much is to be charged for modification?

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