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Strategies To Apply In-order To Be A First Class Student

Strategies To Apply In order To Be A First Class Student: Got your sights set on a first-class degree? Good on you – we’ve got a few tips to get you on the right track.

To get a first-class degree at university, you will usually need to get 70% or more overall in your assessments and exams.

If you’re serious about getting the best result possible out of your university years, buckle up – you’re in a for a tough (but rewarding!) ride.

If you’re hoping to achieve a first, these are the best ways to get good grades at university:

Stay focused on getting a top grade.

Not to state the obvious or anything, but if you’re aiming for a first-class degree, you have to be prepared to put in maximum effort.

Students who manage to achieve a first tend to be those who consistently try their hardest throughout the year – not just nail the occasional top grade and hope they’ll pull up a few bare-minimum passes. Even if you’re someone who insists you work best under pressure, don’t be foolish enough to think you’ll get a first this way. If you frequently leave coursework to the last minute, ask yourself just how much you really want this first class .

Develop your research skills:

If you find yourself thinking, “I’ve been to all my lectures and seminars, so I’m doing everything I can”, you might as well quit now.

Uni contact hours are notoriously low, and while going to classes is obviously important, it’s the hours you put in outside of class and lectures that really matter. Read through your course handbook carefully and you’re likely to find that you should be putting in a substantial amount of work in your free time, too.

Getting a first isn’t about blagging your way through or managing to pull a fast one on deadline dates. If you’re serious about it, reading around outside of your recommended reading list is crucial.

This doesn’t mean reading academic texts cover-to-cover, of course. Don’t spend hours and hours researching in one go – this doesn’t work, and you’ll end up forgetting most of what you read.

Instead, bookmark relevant websites, set Google Alerts for topics you’re thinking of writing an essay on, and just generally try to keep up to date with relevant discussion. Reading about developments in your area of academic interest should become part of your daily routine.

Over time, as you read around and get different perspectives, this will also help you to think critically and form an opinion of your own (don’t just assume the same stance as your tutors – this isn’t their goal and isn’t likely to impress them… unless this is genuinely your stance, of course).

3. Use the library resources at university :

Although online journals are a great resource, the best grades are normally awarded to students who can demonstrate they’ve made an effort to use a range of different sources – including trusty old paper books.

Now, we’re not suggesting you set up shop in the library from dawn til dusk, spreading half the contents of your bedroom across the desk to make you feel more at home while you pretend to work. As you may have guessed, we’re not a fan of these people.

Instead, make the library your place to focus. After a while, you’ll start to actually enjoy the process of searching and finding books that are relevant to your ideas.

Just make sure that you take note of every idea and fact you use from the book before putting it back on the shelf (i.e. jot down all relevant page numbers, chapters, authors, serial numbers, the lot). Chances are, if you haven’t taken these details down, you’ll need to find the book again – and you’ll hate yourself for it.

Whatever you do, don’t drop a critic’s name without a reason. Knowing your critics and making a decision about whether you support or oppose their views is extremely important.

Remember that a first class student will have an idea and then use critical sources to support it, not the other way round.

I believe these few strategies will be of great help to you in your quest for a first class position is your various institutions. We will have to cut it here, just keep on logging on to this website to get more strategies to a first class position as a student.

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