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jamb Score Upgrade – all You Should Know

jamb Score Upgrade

Following the release of the 2021 jamb UTME results, there has been a large influx of information regarding testimonies of “successful UTME score upgrade”. First and foremost, there is no such thing as upgrading of UTME results. We urge our readers to disregard these testimonies, as they are the work of scammers who are only interested in making money off desperate students.

These scammers are sharing fake testimonies on how UTME candidates can upgrade their score on forums, social networking sites and every other means they can get their hands on.

They claim to be are working with JAMB and can help you boost your less than 200 UTME 250 and above. They claim to have met a certain Mr XYZ or Mrs ABC who helped them upgrade their score, and they claim you can also contact the person to upgrade yours too.

These fraudsters have many formats of text they use, below is an example of a format they use.

You must have come across some of these messages before. Whenever you see anything like upgrading, please don’t even try to reach these people for assistance. They are only interested in taking your hard-earned money.

Do not send your parent’s hard-earned money to (internet) fraudsters in the name of JAMB/UTME score upgrade.

UTME score upgrades don’t exist, if they did, no one would have a low UTME score. Have you sincerely heard of a genuine UTME score upgrade before?

Use the comment section to share your experience with the UTME result upgrade scam. Help prevent other candidates from falling prey to fraudsters.

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