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Unilorin Students in Pain Over ASUU strike

Unilorin Students in Pain Over ASUU strike

Unilorin Students ASUU strike: For the first time in over two Decades, students of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) are feeling the pains of strikes by their lecturers – Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Until the strike declared by ASUU, they have never been a part of the ASUU strike since the university management proscribed the union about 20 years ago.

About two decades ago, UNILORIN sacked 49 members of ASUU for joining a strike declared by the union. The management went further to proscribe the union, a development that polarised the body. While ASUU left the university to pursue its case on behalf of its sacked colleagues, a splinter union in the guise of ASUU-UNILORIN, continued to superintend the affairs of the union. The face-off dragged on until last year when UNILORIN re-joined ASUU.

Ibrahim Ismail Saka, a 200-Law student, expressed his sadness on how ASUU strike has thwarted UNILORIN’s 20 years of the uninterrupted academic calendar.

“I felt so bad and unhappy because the re-joining of ASUU strike by this institution really affected our on-going examination.  It would surely affect the prestige of this great university, and the number of applicants that UNILORIN used to have every year.

Saka’s course mate Yaqoob Olasunkanmi was also devastated.

“I am not happy at all,” Olasunkanmi said.

“It was shocking and came unexpected. I am not happy about the change in the academic standard of our prestigious university, its so devastating.”

Sheu Sa’ad Onikolobo, a final year student of Biology Education, described the strike as ‘pathetic and disgusting’.

“ASUU strike to me is so pathetic, barbaric and disgusting, Onikolobo began. This strike broke the academic stability of our ‘Better by Far’ institution.

“To cut the long story short, I am not happy that this strike has already started destabilising the academic stability of our university which will inevitably bring down our global ranking.”

A final year Biology Education undergraduate, Ishola Habeebullah, told 9jajointlearn that the strike would surely favour their lecturers but have a more negative effect on the students and university.

Said Habeebullah: “Actually UNILORIN joining ASUU might really favour the staff. But it will have many negative effects on the school and students. It will definitely alter the academy stability and reputation of the school. This will ultimately result in reduction in number of applicants because they won’t be sure when they will graduate.”

Equally, Musa Yusuf, a 100-Level student of Primary Education, lent his voice.

“The strike really surprised me!

“When I firstly heard UNILORIN was included in the strike, I felt disappointed because I never expected such from this institution. Our academic calendar is one of our pride which we have jealously protected for 20 years. It is disgusting that this pride came to an end unexpectedly,” he said.

Sulyman Abdulmalik, urged his colleagues not to fret yet, saying the management of UNILORIN might still find a way to ensure the unfettered academic of the university remains sacrosanct.

A 400L student from department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering told 9jajointlearn that he wasn’t  surprised about this situation and academic activities are still stable since it hasn’t affected the academic calendar of the institution.

“I still feel normal (about the strike) because I understand this is Nigeria, and anything can happen. Despite the strike, UNILORIN academic stability still remains as long as it is not compromised. However, I’m appealing to drive their agitations unfeasibly with the government.

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