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Does ABU Accept Second Choice? – See Answers

Does ABU Accept Second Choice?

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You’re currently reading Does ABU Accept Second Choice? So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question Does ABU Accept Second Choice?

Well, I answered the most I could answer and thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “Does ABU Accept Second Choice?” will get your answers below, continue reading!

Just a few months ago, I wrote a detailed article on the How to get ABU post utme past questions and answers.  You may want to go through both articles above.

Does ABU Accept a second choice candidate?: this is what most aspirants of ABU have been asking as they struggled to fill their jamb and post utme screening form for the 2021/2022 academic session.

well, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) was founded in 1962. this university is regarded as first and second-generation University and is highly competitive in all way rounds. you hardly get or see a faculty or department that are not competitive.

formally all universities were given a free hand to conduct post utme screening exercise there where a lot of human interference, most universities were of the habit of extorting money from candidates through the sale of post utme screening form. In the end, they only consider their first-choice candidate. which made jamb to introduce the CAPS admission process to make the whole process look credible.

Due to the high number of candidates that chose ABU on yearly basis makes this institution very competitive after all demand controls the supply.

Please note that this university might allow you to buy their screening form but you might be denied admission when the time comes as they are known to only consider their first-choice candidate.

Never you chose this institution as a second choice unless you expect a miracle to happen apart from that stay clear from them. You may want to see the list on schools that accepts second choice HERE

Note: all first and second-generation universities don’t accept second choice candidates, they mostly state it clearly on their post utme directive that only first choice candidates are invited for the screening exercise. Don’t ever waste your hard-earned money getting their screening form as you will be sidelined when it’s time for admission. But if you still have a higher connection or through an exceptional cut o mark then you can try your luck.

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