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My Jamb Score Is Low What Should I Do? – See Guide!

Jamb Score Is Very Low

Normally, with a low Jamb score, you cannot gain admission to study Law, Engineering or Medicine in very competitive schools like UI, OAU, UNILORIN, UNIBEN, UNILAG, ABU, FUTA and UNN.

You may be wondering, how does Post UTME help me and how can it change the price of beans in the market? It helps boost your low Jamb score dramatically. With a high Post UTME score, you can gain admission even with low jamb Score; provided you’re able to meet the cut off mark.

If you scored low in Jamb and still wondering whether Post UTME is a blessing or another problem, then this article is for you. Without beating about the bush, Post UTME is good for those who have a low score in Jamb.

But Since Post UTME carries a large percentage in the admission process, a good performance will help you gain admission even with your low Jamb score. Let me use UNIBEN Post UTME and admission policy as an example:

Respectively, Jamb and Post UTME carry 50% each to gain admission into the University of Benin (Uniben)If you score 400/400 in Jamb, that’s equal to 50% in UNIBEN, a score of 100/100 in UNIBEN Post UTME is another 50%. Adding both will give you a Uniben aggregate of 100% (50% in Jamb plus 50% in p-utme).

UNIBEN divides the Jamb score by 8 and Post UTME score by 2. If you scored 250 and 90/100 in Post UTME; Uniben will divide your Jamb score by 8 and your Post UTME score by 2.  250 divided by 8 is equal to 31.25 and 90 divided by 2 is 45. Therefore, 31.25 plus 45 gives you 76.25 and your Medicine is sure.

Whereas, a Jamb score of 250 without Post UTME would not have been sufficient for you to gain admission into Medicine in Uniben. This applies to other schools in Nigeria. Post-UTME carries a very high percentage. Do you understand the importance of Post UTME now?

Do you want to know why Post UTME may be bad news for those with a high Jamb score? They may not be able to do well in Post UTME like they did in Jamb (they would feel relax unlike those who scored low).

For example, if you scores 280 in Jamb and we divide it by 8; the result is 35 (which is not too different from who scored 250). If you add a Post UTME score of 60 (divided by 2 equals 30) to that Jamb scores, the aggregate will be 35+30=65 and it will not be enough for you.

With these few points of mine, I hope that I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that……………

Facts: It is good to scores high both in Jamb and Post UTME. However, you can still gain admission to study your desired course if you do well in Post UTME irrespective of your Jamb scores.

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