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Top10 Silly Job Interview Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Job Interview Mistakes
You’re here: Top10 Common Job Interview Mistakes That You Must Avoid. Getting invited to a job interview does not guarantee you a job. A lot of people who have gone for job interviews have failed to secure the job because of one mistake or the other during the interview. You might be competent, skilled and capable of doing this job.
But, making one of these terrible job interview mistakes can make you lose the job. I don’t want you to waste your time and energy because getting qualified for a job interview is in most cases not easy.

Mistakes You Must Avoid To Get Employed

Everything that happens during the interview will be duly observed by the interviewer, so do not make these mistakes:
  1. Late arrival
  2. Unfit dressing
  3. Showing Off
  4. Using false CV Facts
  5. Using your phone
  6. Failure to do research
  7. Talking too much
  8. Talking too less
  9. Lack of confidence
  10. Showing no interest


Arriving late to a job interview is a sure way to piss your interviewers off. It is a very terrible mistake you don’t want to make if you really want to get employed. Try to get to the venue as early as 10-15 minutes before the interview starts. It will not only increase your chances of getting employed but will also help you to settle your body system down for the task ahead of you.


The way you dress is another important factor that will be considered. Dress according to the post your are applying for but don’t forget to stay formal and professional in your dressing. Don’t make the mistake of dressing indecently to a job interview!.


Another thing that can deny you the opportunity of getting employed is pride during the job interview. No matter how good you are, don’t be egoistic and keep you cool. You don’t need to boast about yourself before they discover what you have in you to give out, this is what most people have failed to realize. The more you show off, the more your interviewer tries to get you out of the line, nobody wants to deal with proud people.


After submitting your C.V, some interviewers will present a fill-in form for you to fill on what is on your C.V such as your contact information, graduation date, years of experience, educational background e.t.c to see if it is the same with the one you submitted. So, don’t make this useless mistake of submitting false C.V.


Using your phone during an interview is a sign that you are not diligent and devoted to work. By doing this, you are passing a message that you are not following up with the interview. Try to avoid picking phone calls, you can just activate the “Silent mode” or switch off your phone. Picking up your phone during an interview is a sign that you are not attentive.


Questions about the company are one of the most common questions asked during an interview. Don’t be cut off the line due to your ignorance. Make sure to do proper research on the company you want to work with, search for the name, date of establishment, code of conduct, working principles, name of owner e.t.c. If you are asked such questions and you answer them correctly, your interviewers will be impressed that you really care and know about them.


During an interview, don’t talk more than you listen!. Be attentive and conserved to answer any question thrown across to you. It is very important to create the awareness that you are cool-headed, humble and not a garrulous type.


Not talking during an interview has the same effect as talking too much. You have to take your chances to ask questions on everything you want to know about the job. You, however, have to be picky in the type of question you ask so that you don’t eventually fall a victim of mistake #7 above.


Failure to prepare or nervousness sometimes makes people be fearful during an interview. If you fail to maintain eye contact with the interviewers, they will lose interest in your services and you can get disqualified for the job. You have to prove to them that you are capable and ready to do the job. So, don’t forget to maintain eye contact during an interview.


Some companies have too many candidates applying for jobs more than they need. If you show a lack of interest in the job during an interview either through facial expressions, body languages or spoken words, you are making a big mistake!. Show maximum interest in the job even if you don’t really like the job so that you can get employed!.


Learn to avoid these mistakes and you are sure of getting employed so far you have the necessary skill and ability. 
Let us know what you think about this article by using the comment box below. Have you been guilty of any of these mistakes? What are the other job interview mistakes one can make that have not been included in the article? 
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