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Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money

Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money
You’re here: Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money. are you looking for ways to make money? do you want to make money? do seek where and how to make money? are you in search of the reasons why you must make money? how can I make money?
I highly welcome you all to this article tagged Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money.
To be frank, if you don’t have money in this life you are nobody according to ace musician Davido “If you nor get money hide your face”.

Money they say makes the world go round

Base on the reason why you must make money, I will be outlining Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money, So sit-down and relax let drive into the business.

Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money
  • Because Of You And You Alone:

You may not understand this, but I will make you understand. What I meant was by the above point is that you need to make money for your personal use.

  • Because Of Your Parents:


This particular group of people called your parents consists of your father and mother, which should be considered as a reason for making money. this group people have done a lot for you from your childhood making sure you attend the best schools in town, and also taking care of you, so you making money to take care of them is not a bad idea.
  • Because Of Your Friends:


Why will I say So? There are thousands of friends out there who are rich or are in one position or the other to help you but knowing the fact that you are poor they just can’t help you for reasons best known to them. this type of friend is real, but to overcome this you have to work hard and make money!!
  • Because Of Fame 
Now the most fundamental reason why you must make money is because of fame. You will also agree with me that it not common or if not impossible to mention a rich man’s name and people will not know them. taking Olamide as a case of study, despite we all know he is rich the young man is also famous, so you making money for fame is not a bad idea too.
  • Because Of Your Society 
Making money for the society or where you came from is not a bad idea, for the kind of society we live in today only recognize great people (people who have money!).
  • Because Of Your Future Wife/Husband
In this point (6) I will be using the man as an example; You know women love/like men who have made it big (Even if you say is not all women, but the truth is that there is nobody that they will put sugar in her mouth and will throw it off). making money because of your future wife is not a bad idea, because you don’t know what she has passed through, so you making money before approaching her will ease her struggles and make her a better wife!.
  • Because OF Your Children
Yes, Your father may not be rich, but your being rich is not a bad idea too. Making money for your children will make their life stress free!, Taking Otedola and Mike Adenuga as a case of study; tell me the likes of Dj Cuppy and CO, How on earth will they suffer? they won’t because their parent set the standard for them, so it will not cost you anything to do the same for your children!
Thank You all for staying with me till the end of this article, (Note) I took my time to write this article please tell me what you think of this Seven (7) Reason Why You Must Make Money using the comment box below and also share

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