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Real NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers

NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers.

NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers

You’re Here: Real NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers. are you looking for NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers, do you want to download NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers in pdf?

NABTEB Questions And Answers For ICT all for you. Note that the NABTEB Questions and Answers below are not NABTEB Expo or 2021 Real Questions. They are Questions That NABTEB has set before. They will go a long way to help you Pass 2021 NABTEB Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

NABTEB ICT Past Questions And Answers

Question 1
(a) Mention TWO output devices you are aware of
(b) State FOUR external storage devices
(c) Define search engines
(d) What is protocol?

Solution 1
(a) Monitor (VDU, Screen), printer, projector, speaker, plotter, earphone etc

(b) Diskette, flash drive, compact disc, zip disc, memory card, DVD, HDD etc
(c) It is a program that enables users search for information on the internet.
Question 2
(a) What is the purpose of the main memory?
(b) Why is system software so important to a computer system?
(c) Write short notes on
(i) browser
(ii) web server
(iii) website

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Solution 2
(a) The purpose of the main memory is to hold data temporary and/or permanently
while the computer requires it or is working with it.
(b) It is software that the computer requires to function, e.g. MS-DOS, and windows
It is what the computer requires in order to work or enhance the usage of the other
(c)(i) This is client software that allows the user to display and interact with a hypertext
(ii) This is a program that responds to request from web browsers to retrieve
recourses. It is also used to refer to the computer that runs the server program.

(iii)This is a collection of related files. Each web site contains a home page, which is
the first document that is displayed on the browser.
Computer application I & II

Question 3
(a) Give TWO examples of a word processing package
(b) State the purpose of mail merge in a word processor
(c) What is the purpose of “WIZARDS” in Microsoft office site
(d) How are borders applied to objects in Microsoft word?
Solution 3
(a) MS-Word, note pad, word perfect, word pad, page maker etc Any 2
(b) Mail merge is used to save the time and effort required to change certain
information in a particular document each time it is sent to a different person
(c) The purpose of wizard in Microsoft office suite is that it saves time.
(d) Select format
Click at borders and shading
Select page borders
Select the style of borders you want
Select (highlight) the object
Select format
Select borders and shading
Select the type, width, setting, style, color
Click OK

Question 4
(a) What is power point?
(b) Give FOUR uses of the slide master in power point
(c) What are headers and footers
(a) Power point is an application package used for creating presentation or slides.
(b) Slide masters are used for the following:
(i) modify title area
(ii) apply design
(iii) add pictures
(iv) change font styles
(v) add headers and footer, date, time & slide numbers
(vi) animation scheme

(c) Headers and footers are special features which are inserted in a document to
display respective information in the upper and lower margins of each page.

Question 5
(a) What is the main advantage of a spread sheet
(b) Mention TWO template types in Microsoft excel
(c) How would you perform the following function on values stored in cells A1 to
A10 in Microsoft excel?
(i) Sum
(ii) Average
(iii) Product

Solution 5
(a) It enables users to perform simple rows and column arithmetic
(b) (i) Blanks and recent
(ii) installed template
(iii) my template
(iv) new form existing workbook
(v) Microsoft office online

(c) (i) Use the function:
= Sum (A1 : A10)
(ii) Use the function:
= average (A1 : A10)
(iii) Use the function:
= product (A1 : A10)

Question 6
(a) List SIX major discipline that uses AUTOCAD
(b) Write short notes on:
(i) Command line
(ii) Status bar
(iii) Tool bar
Solution 6
(a) Electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, surveying,
fine/industrial arts, geosciences, electrical engineering, computer science, computer
engineering etc Any 6
(b) (i) Command line is used to draw line between any two points picked within
the drawing area

(ii) Status bar is the line (bar) that displays short-cut menu for quick access to
commands that are to your current activities
(iii) Toolbars is the line (bar) that displays the available short cut tools of the
tool (command) that are found in the menu bar of MS AUTOCAD
Question 7
How are the following modify tool bar used in AUTOCAD?
(i) Copy object tool
(ii) Offset tool
(iii) Trim tool
(iv) Break tool
(v) Array tool
(vi) Move too

Solution 7
(i) To use copy object tool, select modify from the tool bar and click copy.
Short cut: CP
(ii) To use offset tool, select modify from tool bar and click offset. Shortcut : O
(iii) To use the trim tool, select modify from tool bar and select/click trim
(iv) To use break tool, select modify from tool bar and select/click break
(v) To use the array tool, select modify from tool bar and click/select array
Shortcut: AR
(vi) To use the move tool, select modify from tool bar and click/select move
Shortcut: M

(a) (i) Who is a database administrator
(ii) State three (3) advantages of Database System to NABTEB as an examination
(b) Describe two (2) methods of securing data from computer hackers?

(a)(i) Database administrator (DBA) is a person that manages, update, control, maintain, secure
and modify Data base.
(ii) a. Easy access to data and information
b. Data base improved strategic use of corporate data
c. Easier modification and updating of data
d. Data base improved data integrity
e. Easy back – up and recovery of data, e.t.c
(1b) Explanation of any 2 of;
The use of passwords
The use of data encryption
The use of firewall
The use of intension detection system
Digital certificate e.t.c

1. Data encryption: Involves the translation of data into a form that is illegible without a
deciphering mechanism
2. Password: this involves a secret word or phrase that gives authorized user access to a
particular file, system or data base.

(a) (i) What is your e-mail address?
(ii) State three (3) minimum parts of all internet e-mail address

(iii) Assuming your e-mail address domain ends with .co.uk,what dose .co.uk mean?
(c) Distinguish between Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Mail Access Protocol

(a)(i) Any e-mail address that has the following features:
– It must be in lower case
– User name
– @ symbol
– Domain
– No space between the characters
e.g. desiromond@yahoo.com, mabayoje2003@yahoo.com, nbtc@hotmail.co.uk
(ii) – user name
– @symbol
– Domain
(iv) co.uk is an internet country code for the united kingdom
(b) PoP does not support mail folder but support inbox
IMAP support mail folder in addition to the inbox

Question 3
(a)(i) Define “Word Processing”
(ii) State THREE (3) advantages of word processing over type writer
(b)(i) Explain briefly Two (2) types of formatting of text in MS- word
(ii) State the steps to be taken to copy a text within a document.
Solution 3
a(i) Word processing is the use of computer to create, revise, format, edit and save document
for printing.
(ii) 1. It saves time
2. Storage
3. Speed
4. Word wrap
5. Easy editing
6. Spell checking
7. Inserting picture\
8. Duplication
9. easy formation etc Any 3
i. font size

ii. font color
iii. character spacing
iv. line formatting
v. page formatting
vi. paragraphing
vii. bullets and numbering
viii. change case etc Any 2
1. the size of the character i.e. changes from one size to another.
2. changes from one color to another color
3. font size changes from regular style to another style
3b(ii). Highlight/select/block the text
Click at edit
Any short – cut key is acceptable

Question 4
(a) (i) What is spreadsheet?
(ii) Identify the features of work book in MS Excel
(b) Write a short note on THREE (3) of the following features found in a workbook
(i) Cells
(ii) Formula bar
(iii) Sheet tabs
(iv) Tab scrolling buttons
(c) (i) sketch a draft on a piece of paper to create a workbook structure
(ii) Outline the suggested order when entering data in an excel work sheet

Solution 4
4ai. Spreadsheet is an array (collection) of rows and columns which form cells in which data
can be entered
(ii) Worksheet
Formula bar
Cell label
Scroll buttons
Sheet tab
Any 4
b. cells: Definition, diagram or example. e.g
– Is formed out on intersection of rows and columns
– It is a rectangular box in which data is entered in work sheet etc

Question 5
(a) (i) Differentiate between power point and presentation
(ii) Mention FOUR (4) ways presentations are delivered in to audience using different media
(iii) Identify the THREE (3) parts which Normal View is divided in power point.
(b) (i) Explain briefly the uses of bitmaps in MS Corel draw
(ii) State FOUR (4) functions of pick tool in MS Corel draw
Solution 5
a(i) – slide
2 overhead transparencies
3 automated shows on a computer
4 broadcast over the web
a(ii) – slide pane
5 outline pane
6 note pane
b(i) Bitmap is used to convert text for the purpose of modification
(ii) To:
7 pick the drawing tool
8 drop tool after use
9 select object
10 deactivate drawing tool
etc Any 4

Question 6
(a)i State TWO (2) advantages of AUTOCAD over manual drawing in the design process
ii Explain briefly the link between computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided
manufacturing (CAM)
(b) (i) With suitable examples, give the difference between Cartesian and polar co- ordinates
(ii) Explain briefly the use of the following modify commands in AUTOCAD:
(a) array
(b) fillet
(c) offset
(d) chamfer

Question 7
(a) Describe briefly how to create angular dimensions
(b) (i) Explain how to use array command to draw polar array
(ii) State how layers help in construction and understanding of drawing

Solution 7
(a) select dimension tool
(b) select dimension style
(c) select dimension style manger
(d) click on new
(b) i
Draw big circle, inscribe small circle at the top make sure that the polar array is
enabled on the array dialog box.
Select object and press enter
Click on pick center point on the dialog box
Click on the center of the circle
Enter the total number of angle, click on the center again and press enter.
Layer help in construction and understanding of a drawing in that it is used to
differentiate different parts on the construction with different colors for their
understanding of a drawing.

Attempt FIVE questions in all, at least one from each section.
All questions carry equal marks
Question 1
(a) Who is an internet service provider(ISP)?
(b) State the meaning of the following acronym
(i) HTTP
(ii) HTML
(iii) FTP
(c) OutlineTHREE major devices necessary to set up a cyber cafe in Nigeria?
Solution 1
(a) It is an organization that provides users access to the internet.
(b) (i) HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol
(ii) HTML- Hypertext Makeup Ianguage
(iii) FTP_ File Transfer Protocol
(c) VSAT, Modem, computer systems, HUB, switches, power supply, cables e.t.c.
Any 3
Question 2
(a) Describe briefly the following terms
(iv) peripheral device
(v) port
(vi) data bus
(vii) input device
(b) What is the MAJOR function of arithmetic and logic unit in a computer processor?
Solution 2
(a)(i) A peripheral device is a device that is attached/connected to the computer in order
for it to function.
(ii) A port is a communication interface that allows peripheral devises to be attached to
the computer. It could be serial or parallel.
(iii) Data bus is a path way through which data are transmitted.
(iv) An input device is a device used for entering data into and/or gives instructions to
the computer.
(b) The major function of arithmetic and logical unit(ALU) is to perform arithmetic and
logical operations.

Give the procedure for opening an already saved file on a computer hard disk
Solution 3
Activate file
Select open
Select drive C
Select folder
Select filename
Click open/strike enter
At the desktop
Activate my computer
Select drive C/ my document
Select file name
Click/strike enter
Activate my document
Select file name
Click/strike enter
Question 4
(a) How can the following tasks below be accomplished in MS-word.
(i) Underlying a text
(ii) Italizing a text
(iii) Centralizing a text
(b) State the keyboard commands to perform the following tasks in MS-word
(i) bold
(ii) undo command
(iii) open a new document
(iv) save the current document
(v) send document to a printer
(vi) underline a word
Solution 4
(a) (i) Highlight or select the text
Click U/ ctrl + U
Highlight or select the text
Activate format
Select font
Select underline style
Click OK/ Strike enter
(ii) Highlight or select the text
Click I/ ctrl + I

Highlight or select the text
Activate format
Select font
Select italics
Click OK/ Strike enter
(iii) Highlight or select the text
(b)Click center icon on the tool bar/ ctrl + E
(i) Ctrl + B or ctrl B
(ii) Ctrl + Z or ctrl Z
(iii)Ctrl + N or ctrl N
(iv) Ctrl + S or ctrl S
(v) Ctrl + P or ctrl P
(vi) Ctrl + U or ctrl U
Question 5
(a) Outline the procedure for creating a presentation on MS – power point.
(b) List FOUR slide layout in MS power point
Solution 5
(a) Activate file
Select new
Select blank presentation
Select slide layout
Select design template
Select auto wizard
Click next
Choose output type
Click next
Select the type of presentation
Click next
(b) Text layout
Content layout
Picture with caption
Title and content
Section leader
Two content
Content with caption
Comparison e.t.c.
Any 4

Question 6
Give the steps for modifying an object in AUTOCAD using the following:
(a) erase
(b) move
(c) stretch
(d) offset
Solution 6
(a) Highlight the object
Click erase tool on the modifying tool bar
Click on the object to erase
Pick and select erase icon
Enter W (at the command line)
Position the cursor at a suitable point
Left click
Move the cursor to drag out a window
(rectangle) and click
Right click Pick a point
Select modify erase
Enter C (at the command line)
Pick any point on the screen
Drag out a window and pick the other corner
Right click or
(b) Select the move icon
Enter W
Pick a point P1
Enter R
Pick circles D1 and D2, then right click
Pick line D3
Enter point of displacement e.g.
@- 115, -130

(c) Select the STRETCH icon
Enter C
Window the top of the vertical line and dimension
Right click
Pick top end of line
Enter point of displacement e.g.
@ 0, 23

Question 7
Explain briefly how properties tool bar can be used to change
(i) Object weight
(ii) Object type
(iii) Object color

Solution 7
(a) Properties tool bar is used to change object weight by scrolling line weight control
arrow to select the required thickness.
(b) Properties tool bar is used to change object type by scrolling line type control arrow
select line types in terms of continuous, centre, hidden, dotted e.t.c

(c) Properties tool bar is used to change object color by scrolling color control arrow and
selecting one of the standard colors but of others is selected from the color pool-down
menu, the color (color) dialogue box is displayed allowing access to all colors available

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