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Full List of Post UTME Subjects 2021

Full List of Post UTME Subjects

Are you searching  For The Full List of Post UTME Subjects 2021?; So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question What are the post UTME subjects?

Well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it was a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “How many subjects they write in post utme?” will get your answers below, continue reading!

Full List of Post UTME Subjects 2021

At the moment, the Universities post UTME screening examination is made up of five (5) subjects which include

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Biology
  4. General Paper
  5. Current Affairs

In most cases, it does not depend on your UTME subject combination.

How To Prepare And Pass Post UTME In One Week

Forget Jamb score

Neglecting Jamb score is the first thing I warn every post UTME candidate to do.

Don’t let what you score in Jamb get into your head. As a matter of fact, your Jamb score may turn out to be your greatest undoing.

Over the years, I have found out that those with low Jamb score perform better than those with higher score. This because those who had a high score in Jamb are more relaxed. They think Jamb score will do everything for them. On the other hand, those with low Jamb score do everything to blast post UTME. It is their last hope.

Whether or not your Jamb score was okay, your main focus now should be how to pass your post UTME and gain admission once and for all. Hope you understand?

Have Admission Vision (Av)

The problem with many aspirants is that they don’t have a vision; they only have television. If wishes were horses, even biscuit beggars would ride.

To ensure that you are able to read and pass post UTME in one week, you should say no to the following:

  • 24 hours on Facebook
  • Irrelevant chat on Whatsapp
  • 2Go And Gossip on Twitter
  • Following and Looking for followers on Instagram
  • Spending too much time in front of your TV

The only thing you should allow to bother you are things that are related to your post UTME and would help you gain admission.

Have Sense Of Urgency

Live your life with a sense of urgency. Have the mentality, “I am behind schedule”

Do whatever you need to do and as fast as possible; Even if it may involve you missing some services in church or Mosque, do it.

If you miss admission this year, you will surely take Jamb again next year. What if luck is not on your side? Two years will just go like that.

You don’t have much time… Therefore, spend the little time you have wisely so as to accomplish the most important tasks relevant to your 2019 post UTME.

Ensure you already have good textbooks and past questions for your 2021 Post UTME aptitude test. NO TIME TO CHECK TIME

Forget Reading

I should forget reading? Sir, What do you mean by forgetting reading? Move to the next paragraph...

You read for your waec and Jamb, isn’t it? Fine… The questions you will get in post UTME are not far from what you already read in Jamb and Waec.

Don’t try to read new topics or start reading your textbooks over and over again. This may do you more harm than good.

You may be wondering, if not reading, what should I be doing? Jump to number five and nine for what you should do instead of reading new topics.

I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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