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6 Essential Steps To Overcome Fear During Examination

6 Essential Steps To Overcome Fear During Examination.

6 Essential Steps To Overcome Fear During Examination
 You cannot completely eliminate fear during an examination unless you want to fail because being over-courageous is a step to failure. That is why I have decided to use the phrase “minimize fear” rather than “eliminate fear”.
You might want to ask me “Why is it necessary to minimize fear?”. I will say it is important because:-
  • It enhances better performance 
  • It reduces the rate of mistakes during an examination 
  • It helps to build maximum brain focus on examination and enhance efficient thinking
So, if you are ready to minimize fear in your upcoming examination, then this is the right article for you to read.
6 Essential Steps To Overcome Fear During Examination


   By making a decision that you will not fail, you will surely pass is the first step to limit your fear. Choose what you want(success), this will make you try to do all you can to prepare for an examination. It will help you when you are tired of trying. This mindset is the key to minimizing fear.


  The key to overcoming fear is “RIGHT PREPARATION”. You cannot limit your fear when you enter the examination hall empty-brained. Read enough, cover the syllabus, do more researches, check the previous examinations to know the pattern, solve past questions and do all you can until you are satisfied. You will discover that courage will start to build up inside you even before the examination.
By preparing enough, you will not fear the upcoming examination anymore and your hope of blasting it will increase. By doing this, I can assure you are “one foot into minimizing your fear during the examination”.


  It is an understatement to say that prayer is another key to overcome fear. Pray to God for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, belief in him, endeavor to have faith and hope for the best. Do not forget that heaven helps those who help themselves. Therefore, do not pray without reading and do not read without praying.
Pray, read and the fear factor will be minimized. If you work hard, pray and you still afraid, it is either:
  • You did not have to believe 
  • It is the minimal fear that is present in everyone. This is the fear that comes when the thought “What if I fail” comes to your mid. Don’t worry, it is a normal fear which cannot be eliminated permanently but can be eliminated temporarily when you take note of the next point to be mentioned below. 


  No man is born to be successful neither is one born to fail, we are all that we make ourselves”. If you have prepared extensively for an examination, there is no reason for you to fear. This is what you should remember whenever the fear factor comes along. However, don’t try to have this feeling if you are not prepared for an examination.


  How do you feel when people ask you questions and you are able to answer all? You feel good right? That is the feeling necessary to minimize fear. After preparing enough, you still doubt yourself if you are truly prepared or not. Try to find an answer to this question. A good way to do this is to tell your friends to ask you questions. If you are able to give the right answer to the questions, then you are truly prepared. If you cannot, try to go back and fix things up. Do this until you get a positive result. This will make you feel prepared.


  One major action that can increase fear is to believe the negative things people say. People will tell you, “The examination is very hard”, “People have failed and people will still fail”. Don’t listen to these courage-killer statements. They are fallacies!. When people tell you this, just remember that “Even though people failed it, some passed it”, so you will pass it because you are not a failure.
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