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Recommended Steps To Become The Best Student Ever

Recommended Steps To Become The Best Student Ever.

Recommended Steps To Become The Best Student Ever


Too much familiarity triggers familiar spirits. Although, this topic may not seem important or reasonable to you yet, it is capable of making you more responsible. You are like “am I not a good student?” yes you are. However, there are certain good habits you may have been neglecting. This article serves as reminder to you.
To those who have not been good students, you have a lot to learn from write-up. Make up your mind to be a better student this time around.
You may not be able to alter your past reactions. However, you can catalyze the future reactions to achieve equilibrium faster. How can you achieve equilibrium when you are using a negative catalyst? yes I mean it.


Any habit that doesn’t make you a good student to your teachers, parents or even yourself is a negative catalyst. Below are simple steps to become a good student. Take this simple piece serious.



It is true that the early bird catches the worm. What about the bird that goes late? maybe it will catch lizard. Go to class early so that you can follow up the lecture series. You cannot be a part-time student and write a full-time exam. That is why many student boast of a CGPA of 0.5 in a scale of 5.0.  Many exam rhema drop in class par time; you have to be a part of it. This is a habit of good student.


To be a good student, you must not wait few minutes to the submission time before you start doing your assignment. Do and complete your assignment on time. You should always think or solve problems ahead. Remember, to think ahead is to use your head.


Hey! you were asked to list 10 Benefits of good thinking; not to explain them. Follow simple instructions to make your life better. Do what you are asked to do and avoid what you are to do. At least, you should be able to  make good use of your “coconut”. You cannot be a principal if you fail to follow principles.


To be a good student, you need to participate in class activities. There is no law against socializing and relating with your mates. Were you not taught social studies in primary school? sir, you were taught. Just try to participate fully in class activities.


If the school prohibits fighting, you should comply. To be a good student, you should know and follow the rules of the game. Do not constitute nuisance by becoming a rule breaker. If you don’t get better, your life will be bitter. Still asking how to be a good student in college? This is a good characteristic of good students.


Some students have vowed that they will never listen in class. They hold their lectures when official lecture is going on. In fact, some of them even live like semi teachers. How do I know? they resist lecturers and even organize lecturers when one is already going on. The worst way to express yourself is trying to teach your teachers.


Do not live a disorganized life. It is not the habit of a good student. Make sure your materials are always ready and organized.


One of the things I was taught in secondary school is that, hard work doesn’t kill. Rev. Fr Richard Oboh always emphasized on this. After series of experiment, I have come out with the same hypothesis. Verify it and lets make it a law.
A closed mouth is a closed destiny. To be a good student, you must not stop shouting. Shout for help when you really need it. It could be academic assistance or otherwisee. Don’t be silent. As a matter of fact, if you are too silent you will gradually loose your talent.


This is one of the things I learn’t from Arch Bishop Augustine Akubeze. He made a very powerful statement in a church opening ceremony. He said,
A candle looses nothing by lighting up other candles.
I began to mediate on that word. What will you really lose if you teach your friend? Absolutely nothing. But you will gain something. The candles you light up will light you up in the future as well.
If you do not share this with friends, then you are wicked. Feel free to drop your comment below.

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