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15 Successful Tips To Succeed As A Student In 2021

Success Tips:
20 Success Tips To Succeed As A Student In 2020

If you are in school already and you want to be successful in academics and other areas of your life, then you need to check out these 20 noteworthy success tips for every student.

There is a saying that, “When you are not informed, you will be deformed“. This, which I have found to be very true is the main reason why I am writing this article

After series of registrations, study sections and examinations, you finally got admitted.
Well, that’s one of the greatest achievement some of us made in life at that point(if not until now)

You must have had your secondary school teachers telling you that your real life is just
starting when you gain admission in higher institution. That’s not far from the truth.
If you don’t know, how you spend your life in school will be one of the most greatest determinant of
your future after school.

Life on campus can be the most productive part of your life, so can it be the opposite. It depends
on you manage your timer.
In this article, I am going to list 20 success tips for every student. These are the secrets of
successful students.


#1 – Start Well 
How you start a game will be the most important factor how how you end it.

It is true that starting a game well doesn’t guarantee you will end the game well. Also, starting
badly doesn’t mean you will end badly.
But, there is something to always remember.
When you start well, it is easier to maintain the
goodness of the game.
When you start badly, changing the game to a good one will be extremely difficult.
What I am trying to say is,”Lay a very strong foundation for yourself, so that your building
doesn’t collapse“.
This is equivalent to saying that your first year as a fresher should be taken very seriously.
Strive to have the best possible results in all your courses. Try your possible best to achieve that
your dream cGPA in 100L.
This will not only boost your confident, it will tend to cover for you if all something goes wrong in
higher levels

#2 – Develop Positive Interest In Your Course
“I applied for Medicine and surgery but I was given Chemistry, what can I do with
Chemistry? Chemistry is not even lucrative” This is the rhyme among many students.
You want to study Medicine, Pharmacy,Engineering courses or law but you were given another
This does not make you a failure! it doesn’t mean you will end up becoming a Chemistry teacher!
The truth is, “It is not always what you study that will determine what you become in future“.
This is what many students have failed to realize.
Listen, there is no course that is not lucrative. It all depends on what plans you have for yourself
with the course.
Segun Oloketuyi, the Managing director and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of
Wema bank is a Second Class Upper Division graduate of Chemistry from
University of Lagos.
There are several other examples like this which proves the fact that, “The course you study
doesn’t determine your future“.
Even if you resit for JAMB while studying the course you don’t want, take it very seriously at the
time you are yet to gain admission into the course you reapplied for.
You may not be given your dream course, dream along your given course.

#3 – Don’t Let Anyone Look Down On You
No! Don’t look down on yourself! That should have been the title for success tip #3. You are the
only one that can determine how people behave towards you.
When you place yourself high, they will place you high and vice versa. You need to develop
positive self-esteem in school.

#4 – Know Who You Are
Do you ask yourself the question, “Who am I?” Have you found an answer to that question? If No,
you need to do that.You are the only one that knows what works for you.
Your reading style, your lifestyle, your believe, your acts and everything about you – you are the
only one that fully know those things.
You don’t need to be like others, you don’t need to copy other students in how they do their things.
What works for them may not work for you.

#5 – Know What You Want
What you do want in life? What do you want to achieve at the end of your academic journey in that
school? These are the questions you need to answer.
You need to set a SMART goal so that you don’t end up tasting the shadow.

#6 – Be A Man Of Action
Now you know who you are, you know what you want. The next thing is to know what to do in
order to become who you want to become.
If you just keep dreaming without acting, you will end up in the dream land.

#7 – Be The Master Of Your Time
Time management is a very important factor for every success-primed student.
The way you spend your time in school will determine the result you get.
It is like a computer system, what you input into it will determine the output it will give to you.
The input in the case of a student is the activities you spend your time doing. The output is the
result you get.
To be a successful student, you must learn how to manage your time effectively.
You should know the time to read, time to eat, time to play, time to exercise, time to spend
improving yourself out of academics.
Doing the right thing at the wrong time is equivalent to doing the wrong thing.

#8 – Choose Friends Smartly
Friends can determine your entire life. They can easily influence your behaviour and lifestyle.
This is why you need to shine your eyes before choosing your friends.
Work with people that have the similar vision with you.
Choose friends that are on the same or better level in terms of academics and lifestyle.

#9 – Start Something New

Going to school is not all about reading and graduating with a first class.
There is no doubt that academic excellence is the primary aim of going to school, there are other
parts of yourself that you need to improve too. If your certificate is taken from you, can you still live a successful and happy life without it?
This is a big question you need to ask yourself.
Your life should not be placed on paper called certificate only. You need to start working on other
parts of yourself – Your talents! New skills!
What skills/talents do you have? Improve on those skills and build those talents. Don’t let
them die down in you all because of academic excellence.
The richest men in the world didn’t depend solely on education. They combined education with

#10 – Set Your Priorities Right
In school, there will always be something you can do every time! You can never find yourself
looking for what to do.
You will always find yourself choosing what to do among a lot of things you want to do.
This may include reading, working on yourself, sleeping or even going out to see a friend. You
need to choose the most important one to you.

#11- Know When To Say NO.
Don’t impress or satisfy others at the expense of yourself. You need to be selfish sometimes.
Imagine your friend asking you to borrow her your textbook some days to examination. All you
could do is to give her, trying to impress and to be nice.
I think such a student is just being stupid. You need to know when to say NO. You should always
be in charge of yourself

#12 – Be Wary Of The Opposite Sex.
This I don’t need to discuss too much. I believe you should understand.
Students of the opposite sex can easily make and break you! It all depends on how you deal with

#13 – Don’t Hate Any Lecturer
The easiest way to fail a course is to hate your lecturer
. Different lecturers have different ways
of lecturing.
In school, you are not going to like all the lecturers, make sure you don’t hate anyone of them.
Just find something you like about him if it’s not his/her teaching method. It may be the way he
dresses, the way he speaks and all that.
Trust me! This really works. It will help you to be more focused and attentive in class.

#14 – Take Assignments Very Serious
Don’t joke with any assignment! It may turn out to become a short test
One thing I have also discovered is that some lecturers repeat their assignment questions during

#15 – Attend Classes Regularly
If you are the type of student that skip classes without any reason, you are on the wrong path.
It’s true you won’t learn the same thing in every class.
There is no class that is totally useless
Some students skip classes on purpose to read their books. Well, it’s their choice. If it works for
them, fine Success Tips

That is all for now on the topic, “Success Tips“. Use the comment
section below to share your thoughts and ideas.

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