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Recommended Ways To Make Google Index Faster

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Today on my blogging series, we will be talking on an important topic tagged How To Make Google Index Faster. recently we have been receiving complains from the user and they’re complains was Google don’t index their URL on time but after the below article your complains will be history
Yes, many webmasters have found that taking steps to signal to Google that you’ve got a new, real website brimming with potential keeps the indexing time closer to the lower range of 4 days to 4 weeks. The steps follow the logic that making your site visible in the digital realm will also make it stand out to Googlebot.

Build a Site That’s Indexable

Before connecting your site to existing channels on the Internet, make sure your site’s structure is prepared for its very first presentation. Provide the following to the Googlebot:
  • Value – Produce content with text that a Googlebot can crawl
  • Ease-of-Use – Make sure you have a high ratio of text to code in favor of text
  • Navigation – Include a navigation bar that links to all of the major and permanent content on your site
  • Real Language – Use URLs on web addresses and alt text on images that explain the site content
  • Simplicity – Minimize Javascript or code it to load after the HTML (since Googlebot reads the text and gets signals of the importance of text from HTML)
  • Direction – Check your robots.txt to see if it allows the Googlebot to crawl your site properly

These are search engine optimization basics that unlock the door to your website once the bot finds it. Delays in indexing may be caused when Googlebot can’t gain entrance even if it sees your site clearly.


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