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Recommended Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

Recommended Ways To Make Money In Nigeria.

Recommended Ways To Make Money In Nigeria


What are the things I can do in Nigeria to make money? how can i Make Money In Nigeria? This is the hottest question on the internet right now. So many persons have been searching how to make money both online and offline at a very low capital.
If you have plans to make big money doing business then this list of 30 things you can do in Nigeria to make money both online and offline is for you.
You may be wondering, how much do I need to start a business in Nigeria? every business requires huge capital to set up. There are even some businesses that could be started for less than N20,000, so capital really shouldn’t be so much of a stumbling block that would stop any serious entrepreneur from starting small and building a profitable business in Nigeria.

30 Business To Make Money In Nigeria

  1. Blogging
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Furniture Making
  4. fitness and beauty consultant
  5. Poultry Farming
  6. Snacks making
  7. importation business
  8. Online advertising
  9. Showbiz
  10. Retail
  11. Wholesale
  12. Snail Farming
  13. Creche
  14. Home Tutor
  15. Phone sales and repair
  16. cleaning
  17. Hair stylist
  18. Catfish business
  19. Poultry
  20. Events planning
  21. Real Estate
  22. Photography
  23. logistics
  24. Bakery
  25. Tutorial centres
  26. Computer school
  27. Satchet water business
  28. Bread production
  29. Barbing saloon
  30. Painting business
  31. Catering service
  32. Employment
  33. travel
  34. logistics
  35. Laundry business
  36. Recharge card biz
  37. web design
  38. Fashion design
  39. Freelance writing
  40. Electrical service
  41. Fast Food
  42. E-commerce
  43. Gym
  44. Beauty
  45. Hotel biz

1. Blogging:

Blogging is a very lucrative business and is currently gaining exposure in Nigeria. Blogging is the process of having a blog and updating it with fresh content. The more visitors you get, the more you earn. There are so many ways you can make money blogging.

2. Online tutoring:

This is another business that is fast gaining a strong reputation in Nigeria. It involves training people on short courses, helping students with assignments and projects and basically imparting knowledge over the internet.

3. Furniture making:

You could also consider making furniture for home and office use. You don’t have to be a furniture maker yourself to start this business; you could employ good furniture makers who you would employ to make solid furniture for you and simply handle the marketing and promotion aspect of the business.

4. Fitness and beauty consultant:

Call us vain but we are Nigerians and we love looking good. Ten years ago, this kind of business may not have made sense, as fitness was kind of an alien concept to Nigerians. But these days, just claim you have any product that would make people slimmer, lighter, have flat abs, pink lips, long hair, full lashes or enhance the body in anyway; you would have dozens of Nigerians swooning to you like bees do to honey.

5. Poultry Farming:

Poultry farming is one of the best and most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria right now. This has a lot to do with the fact that Nigerians love meat a lot especially Poultry.
There are lots of products you can sell as a poultry farmer; you can package and sell frozen poultry meat, you could distribute and sell eggs or you could eve sell day-old chicks to other interested poultry farmers.

6. Snacks making:

Snacks making is another hot business opportunity in Nigeria. If you’ve ever been on Lagos-Ibadan express road or on Benin-Ore express road, you would see how lots of Nigerians make their living from selling pre-packaged snacks like plantain chips, Coconut Chips, Potato chips, Chin-Chin and Popcorns to mention few.
You can set up a similar business as well and supply your products to supermarkets, schools and grocery stores or get salesmen to help you sell them at roadsides and in strategic selling places for a commission.

7. Importation:

With the country largely dependent on foreign imports, you can join the train by identifying a product that is in huge demand and importing it into the country to sell to your numerous customers.

8. Online Advertising:

Almost everyone spend a large chunk of their time on their mobile devices as a result, marketers need to reach people through online means. You can take some courses online with regards to online advertising and digital marketing and you’re good to go.

9. Showbiz:

The entertainment industry comes with a lot of opportunities. You just need to study the industry and find out these opportunities and in a short while you’ll be counting your cash.

10. Retail:

Retail is one of the easiest businesses to start yet it comes with a reasonable return on your investment. An example is starting a retail supermarket in your neighbourhood.

11. Wholesale:

Although the margins in any wholesale business are much lower than retail, you can get your wholesale business running if you can reach out to businesses in your niche.

12. Snail farming:

Snails are a great source of protein but they are quite expensive. You can set up a snail farm where you can breed them and sell them in the market.

13. Creche:

Busy professionals are often in a dilemma of where to put their kids when they are working. This is where a creche comes in. You can offer to provide this service for working class or busy mum. But you should make sure your creche is neat and well-furnished.

14. Home tutor:

If you have a good grasp of some secondary school subjects, you can start a home tutoring service. There are many students that need assistance for their school work and this is where you can make some cool cash.

15. Phone sales and repair:

Everybody uses a phone these days and at some point in their phone’s life cycle, they might need to get it repaired. You can start a mobile phone retail outlet along with a repair service.

16. Home cleaning:

People are busy but they need to get their homes cleaned. And a lot of folks have become wary of getting a maid. Hence a home cleaning service seems like a viable alternative.
You can either offer this service by employing cleaners and overseeing them.

17. Hair stylist:

You can meet the hair dressing needs of women by starting a hair styling business. You don’t need to be a hair stylist to get started. All you need do is to rent a shop and get it equipped. Then you can employ a stylist to provide the necessary service while you run the business.

18. Cat fish farming:

Cat fish farming is quite lucrative with farmers recording profit in millions during harvest. Unlike crop farming, you don’t need a large space to get started. Interestingly, it takes just a few days to learn the basics of this business.

19. Poultry business:

Poultry business is another lucrative business opportunity particularly for the eggs which is a staple in the average Nigerian diet. Also you can sell your birds during festive period.
However, your poultry business requires proper supervision and care if you want to reap an abundant harvest.

20: Event planning:

With owambe parties happening almost every Saturday in various parts of the country, there’s a need to plan these events properly.
You can pitch your service to your friends and acquaintance. And if you’re able to do a great job, your business will grow organically by word of mouth referrals.

21. Real Estate Agency:

If you can network effectively with the right people you can build a profitable real estate agency. For every rent or sale, you will get a commission and sometimes this fee can run into millions of naira.

22. Photography:

People love good pictures and any photographer that can capture beautiful moments is certainly going to be much sort after.
If you don’t have the skills, you can learn the business provided you’re passionate about it. The business is quite profitable and you can earn in millions if you’re really good.

23. E-commerce:

A compelling reason to start an e-commerce business is the low barrier of entry. Unlike a physical store, you can open an online store with less than N500 000. As a matter of fact, you may not need to hold the physical inventory that you sell. You just need to know the suppliers and know how to get the product once a customer makes an order.

24. Gym or Fitness Instructor:

If you’re a stickler for being fit and you have an amazing body to validate your passion for body building, you can offer your service to people. As a matter of fact, you can use your earnings from this service to equip and open your gym. This can further increase your revenue and as your vision expands, you can choose to open several fitness centres in different parts of the state.

25. Beauty & Makeup:

The beauty industry has grown exponentially in recent times and almost every young lady these days seems to be interested in beauty and makeup.
Interestingly, you can learn the art of makeup in a few weeks. Additionally, you can include other services in your venture such as the sales of cosmetics and other beauty products.

26. Employment Agency:

A large proportion of the Nigerian populace is either jobless or underemployed. If you have the skills, you can start a recruitment or employment agency to bridge this gap.
You can start by pitching your service to small and medium scale business then progress to the working with larger organizations.

27: Travel Consultancy:

Travellers are always looking for the best prices and travel agents that can proffer solutions travel issues.
Starting a travel consultancy can be quite lucrative especially in Lagos. However, you’ll need to take some IATA training courses that will ensure you become a certified travel agent.

28. Logistics Business:

With the rapid rise in e-commerce business and with the need for people to move things from one place to the other, the logistics business has grown rapidly in recent years.
You can serve as third party logistics (3PL) for businesses or any of the thriving e-commerce platforms. However, you should do some research properly before you start this business.

29. Bakery Business:

Everybody loves bread. You can start a bakery business in your neighbourhood. Also, you can include different delicious varieties of bread in order to give your customers many options and keep them coming back for more.
Bakery business is certainly lucrative if you do your planning and research. Also, you should have enough capital to start and maintain your business for a couple of months before you break even.

30. Education and tutorial Centers:

This is a notch higher than starting a home tutorial. In this way, you can increase your revenue by catering for students that need assistance especially when preparing for exams like WAEC, GCE and JAMB.
The success rate in these exams is usually below average and you can set up a tutorial centre that caters for these students and you’re sure to receive massive returns on your investment.

31. Computer schools:

Twenty years ago, you could rise to the top of your profession with a little or no knowledge of computer.  But these days, you won’t even get an entry level job without basic computer skills. This is why setting up a computer school can be a lucrative business opportunity.

32. Satchet water business:

A satchet water venture is another popular business opportunity which you can never have enough since people are always drinking water on the go.

33. Bead production:

Bead production is another growing business venture. Wedding events take place every weekend and one of the popular accessories worn by the bride and groom is beaded jewelry.

34. Barbing salon:

Every man loves a great hair cut and they will pay any amount to get the right barber. If you can get expert barbers, you can start a barbing salon.

35. Printing Press:

There’s always the need to print especially with individuals, small scale as well as medium scale businesses. You can offer your printing service to this target market and you’ll be smiling home from the bank in a short while

36. Painting service:

It is very easy to learn the art of painting but if you don’t want to, you can employ painters while you focus on marketing the business.

37. Catering service:

Wedding events, birthday parties and business meeting always involve an item 7 (food) and the service of a caterer is always required in this case.

38. Laundry business:

Drycleaning is another lucrative business especially in the urban cities. Most people hardly have time for themselves due to their busy work schedule as a result; dry cleaning or laundry business has grown to become very lucrative.

39. Recharge card business:

Recharge card business can be very profitable especially if you’re involved in the wholesale aspect of this business. With many resellers buying from you, you can receive a high turnover due to large quantities sold.

40. Web design:

Every organization has come to understand the essence of having a website as a result the need for web designers has skyrocketed in recent years. You can work as a solo web designer if you have the skill or you can set up an agency involved in web design.

41. Fashion design:

Fashion design has become a trendy career option in recent times. From young school leavers to university graduate, this vocation has become a viable business option and it’s quite lucrative

42. Freelance writing:

Freelance writers are in high demand by many companies due to the proliferation of websites and the need to promote content.

43. Electrical service:

Lighting and electrical service is  often needed by people from time to time. From churches to project managers, there’s always a reason to hire the services of an electrician or lighting professional.

44. Fast Food:

Everyone needs to eat but only a few have time to prepare a proper meal. This is especially common in urban centres where most working class individuals barely have enough time for cooking. You can employ cooks or you can provide the service yourself if you’re a great cook.

45. Hotel Business:

People travel all the time and they often need a place to stay. Providing a hotel service can be a way of meeting this need. However, you will need ample capital to build a hotel or refurbish an existing building.
Hope you found this “Make Money In Nigeria” helpful? Feel free to share with others and don’t fail to let me know how you feel. Trust me, you can make it here in Nigeria.

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