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Real Jamb English Past Questions And Hot Topics You Should Read

Real Jamb English Past Questions And Hot Topics You Should Read

Do you need Jamb Use of English Past Questions and Answers to study for your Jamb 2021? In my Jamb Guide, I emphasized the importance of Jamb Past questions. Today, I will share Updated Jamb English past questions with You.

Just as the compass is very important to the Pilot, so also the Jamb past questions and answers are useful to every Jamb candidate. If you have ever wondered how to get Jamb English past questions and answers for free, then this article is for you.

The approach to Jamb Use of English is very much different from that of mathematics and other subjects. Jamb’s use of English looks simple when it is being studied.

However, candidates fail English in Jamb and Waec more than the “respected” mathematics. Here, I have made Jamb English past questions and hot topics available for you. You can download past questions and use them for free.

What Jamb Sets In Jamb Use Of English

What you don’t expect, you cannot inspect. You don’t need to read everything in your English textbook. The topics you need to study are specified in the Jamb Use of English Syllabus.

Expect questions from the following areas:

  1. Comprehension Passages
  2. Lexis and structure
  3. Antonyms and Synonyms
  4. Registers
  5. Interpretations
  6. Oral English

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You may be asking, how many questions do they set in Jamb English? Very nice question. You will be required to answer a maximum of 60 questions.

Sample Jamb English Questions And Answers (From Jamb 2018)


Passage I: Read the Passage and Answer Questions that follow…

Nigerian novelists, like other writers, have been influenced by their environment and by the circumstances in history, which helped to make that environment what it is today. They write partly to explain the social dilemmas of the group to
which they belong and party to portray a way of life, which has survived, to some extent. This culture might have survived more fully if certain historical events had not so drastically affected Africa and the attitude of Africans, not only to people of other races but also to their own selves.

Of these experiences, the slave trade is the most remote and has therefore exercised only an indirect influence on the
present writer. What certainly provided the motivation and subsequently the tools for writing is the colonial experience. This experience was such that it disturbed the life of the average Nigerian even though it left him free for the most part to carry on his traditional pursuits. Just as the colonial government followed the lead of the trading companies in administrative matters, so also did it allow the missionaries to take the initiative in matters of
formal education.

Though the government was at first slow in providing education, it was willing, albeit reluctantly to give
support to the effort of the missionaries. The missionaries controlled education at the early stages and most of the Nigerian writers attended missionary schools at least at the primary level The aim of the Christian missionary education was to make converts to the Christian faith. Its target was the people and to reach the people, the vernacular had to be used.

1. Which of the following constituted a major influence on Nigeria writers

A. Social group and history
B. Social group and the slave trade
C. Environment and history
D. The slave trade colonialism

2. Which of the following statement is TRUE

A. Nigerian writers are Christians
B. The slave trade has an indirect influence on the writers
C. The missionaries took the lead in economic activities
D. Nigerian writers used the vernacular in their works.

3. We can infer from the passage that in their efforts at providing
formal education for Nigerians, the missionaries
A. received immediate government support
B. received limited government support
B. did not need government support
D. rejected government support

4. Formal education of the early stages of colonialism was provided
A. The missionaries only
B. The missionaries and the government
C. Government agencies
D. The converts

5. Christian missionary education was aimed at

A. Educating people to be useful to themselves
B. Winning souls for Christ
C. Destroy Traditional Religions
D. Enhancing Colonialism


  1. Ans C

“Environment and history” (direct factual question)

2. Ans B

“The slave trade has an indirect influence on the writer” (direct factual question).

3. Ans B

“Received limited government support” (implied

4. Ans A

“The missionaries only” (direct factual questions)

5. Ans B

“Winning souls for Christ” (direct and implied

PASSAGE TWO:  Following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap.

How does a book get published? In some cases, publisher might ….6…. [A. inaugurate B. authorize C. empower D
Commission] and author to write a book. This happens when the publisher already knows roughly what kind of book he wants to publish, and has already identified the potential …7… [A congregation B. participants readership D. audience]. Many educational books fall into this category.

In order cases, an author may send in a …8… [A manuscript B. draft C. script D. document] to be considered for
publication Publishers receive many of these, and it is their job to decide which ones to publish-not all bookstand an equal chance of selling in sufficient numbers to justify the publisher’s ..9… [A. payment B. Investment C. purchase D.
subsidy]. Publishers will often send work to an
independent ….10… [A. reporter B. examiner C. critic D.
reader] to report on.

Even if a publisher..11.. [A. scraps B. ignores C. rejects D. snubs] an author’s work, he will usually try to make some helpful comments, for young authors need plenty of …12… [A morale B. courage C. spirit
D. encouragement], moreover, the amateur scribbler of today may turn into the best-selling author of tomorrow.

Once a book has been accepted for publication, the publisher still has many other decisions to make. Invariably, books need to be …13… [A. altered B. edited C. perfected D analyzed] for even the best authors work can be improved upon, somehow. The many …14..  [A. design B. plan C organization D. critical] problems include the size of the page, the type, and size of the print, the type of cover, the…15. [A pictures B. illustrations C. captions D. paintings) and who should draw them – all these questions and many more have to be decided

From the following questions 16-25, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

16. One of the referees shall sign here
A. It is desirable that one of the referees signs here
B. It is reasonable that one of the referees signs here
C. It is obligatory that one of the referees signs here
D. It is advisable that one of these referees signs here

17. There is no written law on these issues, the doctor will rely on thumb
A. The rector will rely on information received
B. The rector will rely on his position
C. The rector will rely on sheer sentiment
D. The rector will rely on his experience

18. The principal opened the letter in error
A. It was wrong but he intended to do it
B. He did it unknowingly
C. He was right to do so officially
D. It was done in order to teach the owner a lesson

19. Everyone but Nick was late to the meeting
A. Everyone except Nick came in time
B. Everyone including Nick did not come in time
C. Only Nick did not come in time
D. Only Nick came in time

20. They must have been working for an hour by now
A. They will have to go on working for hours
B. They have certainly worked continuously for hours
C. They have now stopped working
D. They had been obliged to work continuously for hours

21. Mrs. Ahmed made the promise with her tongue in her check
A. She should not be taken seriously
B. She was shy as she spoke
C. She could not be heard because her tongue was hidden
D. She should not be believed because of the special way she made the promise.

22. The cashier attends the board meeting sparingly
A. He attends the meeting quite often
B. He seldom attends the meeting
C. He attends the meeting regularly
D. He attends the meeting unwillingly

23. When he was presented with a huge estimate for the project
manager hit the roof
A. He became very suspicious
B. He threw an object to the roof
C. He became very angry
D. He ordered the project to be started at once

24. Youth see the world through a rose-coloured spectacle
A.They look at the world with spectacles in rose colors
B. They view life over-optimistically
C. They see the world as serious
D. They are happy with life

25. If you (master J) were around Lazarus would not have died
implies that
A. The master was around and Lazarus did not die
B. the master was not around and Lazarus did not die
C. Lazarus actually died when the master was not around
D. Lazarus died even though the master was around

From the following Questions 26 to 35, Choose the option Opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics.

26. Our Economy is now Buoyant

A. unfavorable B. bleak gloomy D. depressed

27. The House of Assembly ratified the controversial bill
A. reviewed B authenticated C. Corroborated D. Standardized

28. Our school was invaded by some militant boys
A. defended B. destroyed C. attacked D. built

29. One should guard against making a sacrilegious remix
A. impious B. reverent C. Blasphemous D. reverential

30. My mother is very daring
A. Intrepid B. timid C. adventurous D. rash

31. In writing, we must choose appropriate words to express our
A. close B. ineffective Capt D. unsuitable

32. The Supreme Court quashed the judgment of the lower court
A. criticized B. commended C. annulled D. upheld

33. The girl was in ebullient mood
A. joyous B delightful C dull D. stressful

34. The engineer had inadvertently pushed the wrong button
A consciously B. conscientiously C. carelessly D. rightly

35. The recently released musical album was considered obscene by many music fans
A. polite B. pleasant Charmless D. decent

In each of questions 36 – 44, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrase in italics

36. Musa will buy the house regardless of our complaints
A. mindful of B. out of concern for C. irrespective of D. in consideration of

37. The governor was able to redress the injustice done to the farmers
A restore B. explain C aggravate D. remedy

38. The ostensible reason for his failure was his refusal to study
A. apparent b. plan C. visible D. open

39. He became melancholic when he was told he had not won the
A disgruntled B. dejected C defeated D. defiant

40. Mrs. Adebayo put forward a preposterous suggestion
A reasonable B. an absurd a great D, an obscured

41. The General manager will give up work at the end of this month.
A retire B. Resign C. Surrender D. Withdraw

42. I have confidence in here
A. hope in B. doubt in C. dependence on D. Intimacy with

43. The man was delegated by the government to investigate the matter
A. nominated B. deployed C. commanded D. employed

44. Adaora is quite inflexible when she has made up her mind
A. unpersuasive B, stiff unyielding D. stationery

From the following questions 45 – 54, choose the option that Best Complete the gap(s)

45. After three consecutive months without pay at work, we are beginning to feel the A. consequence B. crunch C. pain D. poverty E. result

46. Poor feeding causes ___  in children

A. malfunction malediction C. malnutrition D. maladjustment E. malaria

47. ___ evidence contradicted what had earlier stated in
A. comprehensive B. oral C. given D. voluntary E. forced

48. The unlucky woman often ___ operation to be delivered of her babies
A. undergoes B. overgoes C. understudies
D. underwrites E. over studies

49. If you don’t have all that you need for your cookery lesson you should
A. assimilate B. constitute C. improvise D. invent E. renovate

50. Though Chike has been ___ his colleagues believe that
he committed the crime.
A. authenticated B. convicted C. pardoned D. Exonerated E. sentenced

51. The panel which investigated the recent riot has submitted its ___ to government.
A. findings B. memorandum C. report D. petition E terms of reference

52. The ___ meeting of the newly constituted Board of Internal Revenue comes up next week
A. valedictory B. inaugural C. ceremonial
D. pre-election E. proposed.

53. The retrenched workers are bracing up for a ___ their employers
A. showcase B. showman’ C. showdown
showpiece E. show-off with

54. The examination body ___ the entrance examination because there were confirmed reports of widespread malpractice

A canceled B. condemned C. denounced D. dethroned E. Impeached


From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the Same Vowel Sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined

55. Feast A. head B. caprice C. suffice D. practice
56. apple A. carry B. rather C. can’t D. market

From the words lettered A to D choose the word that has the Same Consonant Sound(s) as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined bang

57. bang A. plunge B. singe C. mangle D. danger E. smooth

A. without B. ethics C. tooth D. panther

58. In each of the following sentences the word that receives the
Emphatic Stress is written in capital letters.  From the questions lettered A to D, choose the one to which the given
sentence is the appropriate answer.

59. The village head lived to be A HUNDRED years

Did the family head live to be a hundred years?
Did the village priest live to be a hundred years?
Did the village head live to be ninety years?
Did the village head live to be a hundred months?

60. Jamiu told the old man to LEAVE the room

Did Paul tell the old man to leave the room?
Did Jamiu tell the young man to leave the room?
Did Jamiu tell the old man to leave the room?
Did Jamiu tell the old man to leave the compound?

Try to work on your speed when practicing past questions. The Use of past questions can make you score 350+ and at the same time can make you fail. You must learn how to use Jamb past questions.

How To Download Jamb English Past Questions

Having read that… You can now download the Jamb use of English past questions. Use this link to download the Jamb use of English Past Question Now

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