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Documents After Jamb Registration 2021

Documents After Jamb Registration

You’re currently reading Documents After Jamb Registration 2021. So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question What will I be given after Jamb Registration?.

Well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “The I will be given after Jamb Registration 2021 will get your answers below, continue reading!

Documents After Jamb Registration 2021

You should expect to receive the following Materials after a Successful Jamb Registration… Ask Questions if you aren’t given at the CBT Centre.

  • Jamb Recommended Novel for Use of English
  • A CD containing Jamb e-brochure and Syllabus
  • A Video messages from Jamb Registrar
  • e-slip as evidence of Successful registration.

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I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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