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Real Waec Metal Work Syllabus And Hot Topics You Should Study

Waec Metal Work Syllabus

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This is the official 2021 waec GCE syllabus for Metal Work. I will make it available for download later. You may click here for how to pass waec GCE 2021/2022 or click here for a Waec GCE syllabus for all subjects.



The examination is designed to test the candidate’s skills in basic design, practical work, and entrepreneurship.

It will also assess their knowledge of tools, equipment, and materials and understanding of those areas of creative thinking which can be expressed and developed through planning and working primarily on metals as part of general education.

The test will also assess the candidate’s competency in the fundamentals of manufacturing to pursue higher education in science and technology.


The aim of the syllabus is to test the candidate’s acquisition of the requisite knowledge and skills needed to pursue further education and self-development in science and technology.


Candidates will be expected to

(1) observe safe working practices in the workshop;

(2) demonstrate knowledge and understanding of tools, material, and equipment;

(3) apply basic processes for the care and maintenance of hand and machine tools;

(4) have the ability in identifying, analyzing and evaluating a problem;

(5) apply their knowledge of processes and materials to the solution of problems;

(6) demonstrate basic skills of good craftsmanship;

(7) apply knowledge of career opportunities in metalwork;

(8) have the ability to translate an idea into a project design.


The examination shall consist of three papers, Papers 1, 2, and 3, all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

Paper 1: Will consist of forty compulsory multiple choice objective questions. Candidates will be allowed 1 hour to answer the questions. The paper will carry 40 marks.

Paper 2: Will consist of five questions out of which candidates will be expected to answer four in 1½ hours. The paper will carry 60 marks. All questions will carry equal marks.

Paper 3: Will be a practical test of 3 hours. 10 minutes shall be given prior to the commencement of the examination for the study of the drawings.

The paper will consist of two questions out of which candidates will be expected to answer one. They will be required to make a test piece for which the appropriate drawings will be supplied.

The paper will carry 100 marks. Schools will be required to supply materials that will be needed for the practical test.



Recommended workshop size:

Purpose-bulk 14m length x 8m width x 4m height, well ventilated and illuminated.

Safety Equipment and Materials;

Fire extinguishers, first aid box, buckets of sand, CO2 wall charts etc.

1. Workshop Tools

(a) Cutting tools:   Hacksaw, drills, chisels, snips, files, stock and die, scrappers, reamers, turning tools, milling machine, shaping tools.

(b) Measuring tools:   Steel rules, inside and outside callipers, combination square, micrometer screw gauges,verniergauges, vernier protractors, spirit level, dial gauges.

(c) Marking out tools:   Surface gauge, surface plate, try square, vee-block, dividers, odd leg callipers, trammels, straight edge, scriber, angle plates, centre punches.

(d) Driving tools; pin punches, screwdrivers, hammers, drifts.

(e) Work holding devices: clamps, vices, pliers, mole grips, self-gripping wrenches.

(f) Forging tools: hardies, fullers, tongs, swages, anvils, anvil stands, letter stamps and stakes, sandbag.

2. Workshop Equipment

Workbenches, marking out table, blacksmith’s hearth, foundry furnace, sets of toolboxes, oil cans, computer hardware, and software.

3. Machine Tools

Centre lathe(with accessories), sensitive and pillar drilling machines, pedestal grinder, power hacksaw, folding machine, shears, rolling machine, milling, shaping machine, etc

Welding Equipment

Standard arc welding machine accessories, electrodes, shields, aprons, chipping hammers, welding boots, standard oxygen, and acetylene cylinders, filler rods, spark lighters, regulators, nozzles, etc.


Mild steel round bars (03mm – 050mm), Flat bars (of different sizes), Square bars, Hexagonal bars, Mild steel sheets and plates, Galvanized and tinned sheets.  Projects may be constructed with non-ferrous metal e.g. Copper, Aluminium and Brass.


1. Workshop Technology (parts 1 and 2) – W.A.T. Chapman

2. Metalwork Technology – G. H. Thomas

3. Metal Technology – C. E. S. A. C.

4. Introductory Technology – C. E. S. A. C.

5. Welding Technology – Gourd

6. Mechanical Engineering practice – A. Green and W.H. Howe

7. Crafts Theory and Related Studies – R.T. Pritchard Vol. 1 & 2

8. Mechanical Engineering – R.I. Timings

9. Metalwork Theory, Books 1, 2, 3, & 4

(Metric Edition) – P.F. Lye – Harrap, Lon

10. Design Technology in Metal and Plastics

(Metric Edition) – G.H. Thomas-John Murray

11. Jab Metalwork Projects for African Schools

and Colleges – R. Edward – Cassel Lon

12. Basic Engineering Processes  – S. Crawford

13. Metalwork – R. Sandham

& F.R. Willmers

14. Workshop Processes and Materials  – J. V. Courtney

15. Metalwork Projects and Theory (S.I. Units)  – K. Parkinson

16. The Theory and Practice of Metalwork

(3rd Edition) – G. Love

17. Metalwork for Schools and Colleges – J. N. Green

18. Metal Cutting Machine tools – Adejuyigbe, S. B.

19. Metalwork Technology – J.K.N. Sackey

S. K. Amoakohene.

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