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A Must Read! – See How ABSU Sets Post Utme Questions

How ABSU Sets Post Utme

You’re here: A Must Read! – See How ABSU Sets Post Utme Questions. If there is any University in Nigeria that I would recommend to you, it is ABSU. This is because I have spent years studying and researching the Abia State University and I think I know the in and out of school. Do you want to know How ABSU Sets Post Utme?

The Abia State University – popularly known as ABSU – is a federal government-owned research Abia State University, southwestern Nigeria. Post Utme 2021 is around the corner and every aspirant would want to know where their school gets questions from and how questions are set.

Updates: ABSU Post UTME Past Questions Free Download (PDF)

his and other related questions are what we will be talking about shortly!

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Just a few months ago, I wrote a detailed article on the Recommended Things You Must Not Do As A First-Year Student. I can also remember writing a detailed article on the documents required for clearance. You may want to go through both articles above.

Todays’s topic “Where Abia State University (ABSU) Gets Post Utme Questions And How They Set Questions” has something new to offer. You are about to learn where Abia State University (ABSU) gets their post utme questions, how they set questions, and how to pass the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme examination once and for all.

In addition, I will explain how the Abia State University (ABSU) marks and grade post utme examination.

Contrary to what you may think, the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme questions are usually very simple. The only problem you may encounter while writing the Abia State University (ABSU) exam is the time factor. There is usually no time to check the time (Usually an hour for 70 to 90 questions)….

Abia State University (ABSU) English questions have been traced to Dandy English and waec English. If you are able to study your waec pack and Dandy English very well, then you should not have any problem with the Abia State University (ABSU) Use of English post utme examination live questions. Comprehension passages could also be adapted from other sources.

In the Abia State University post utme, English usually carries the highest number of questions and the highest mark. English questions are usually between 35 to 50 out of the 70 to 90 questions ABSU sets in post utme yearly.

Now you may be wondering, “that was the use of English, what about other subjects”? That’s a brilliant question. Abia State University (ABSU) examination questions in other subjects are Jamb and waec standard. If you practice very well for your Jamb utme and waec, with little practice you should be good to go.

Apart from English, the three or four other subjects the Abia State University set in post utme are tagged general subjects and they hey carry less than 15 questions each.

Does the Abia State University (ABSU) Set Current Affairs?

What do you mean by four others? Yeah, Abia State University  (ABSU) sometimes set current affairs questions in addition to your Jamb subjects combination. However, they have not done this for a few years now.

The Three Problems In Abia State University (ABSU) Post UTME:

Candidates fail the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme examination yearly due to three major factors. You need to understand and overcome the factors that I am about to share right away.

The first factor is the time factor. Like I explained above, the number of questions the Abia State University (ABSU) set in post utme is 70 to 90. Every student offering calculation subjects will have issues attempting 90 questions in just one hour. The Use of English carries the lions share in the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme.

The second factor that makes candidates fail the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme is the calculator factor. You are not allowed to take a calculator to the exam hall. Trust me, solving in decimals and fractions without a calculator takes time.

The third issue is the time to prepare. The period between the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme registration and examination is very short (usually two weeks). Only the strong will survive.

How To Prepare For Abia State University (ABSU) Post Utme:

You may be asking, how then do I prepare and pass the Abia State University (ABSU) post utme examination in two weeks or less? Be happy because your question has been answered. I have written a detailed article on that. You want to go through it now.

How Abia State University (ABSU) Marks Post Utme Examination:

The Abia State University (ABSU) post utme examination is over 100%. That is to say, the highest you can score in the exam is 100/100.

The grading is also simple; your Jamb score will be divided by 8 while your post utme score will be divided by 2. Post utme carries up to 50% of the aggregate score required to gain admission.

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