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Most Difficult Subjects To Pass In Jamb And Waec

Most Difficult Subjects To Pass In Jamb And Waec

You’re currently reading Most Difficult Subjects To Pass In Jamb And Waec: So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question What are the Most Difficult Subjects To Pass In Jamb?

Well, I answered the most I could answer and thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “Most Difficult Subjects To Pass In Jamb And Waec” will get your answers below, continue reading!

I just wrote an article on the simplest subjects to pass in Waec and Jamb. One or two potential Jambites have gone through it and are still wondering what could be the Hardest subjects in Jamb and as well as SSCE.

If passing the exams is your sole concern, I have already addressed how to pass Waec and Jamb plus the top ten most applied schools in Nigeria.  You can go through them or continue reading the Hardest Subjects to pass in Jamb and Waec. If you’re confused, don’t fail to ask me questions using the comment box.

Hardest Subjects To Pass In Jamb And Waec

Without Wasting much time, the hardest subjects to pass in Waec and Jamb are A. English Language, B. Literature, Physics, Biology and C. Subject(s) you don’t like.

When it comes to Jamb, the use of English may seems simple, however, it is more difficult to score high in the Subject. Over the years, I have discovered that Jamb candidates generally score lower in English. Waec candidates complain yearly that they perform below expectation in English. This even applies to scholars who think English is their best subject.

English Language has a lot of rules to follow. What seems correct to you may not be the correct answer. Another reason the Waec English Language and Jamb use of English is relatively more difficult to pass is that English is very wide.

English covers a whole lot of areas like Comprehension passages, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, vowels, consonants, emphatic stress, fill in the gap and so on. Jamb has even added Novel to Use of English. You therefore need to do the following to pass the Use of English very well:

  • Be very fast at answering comprehension passages
  • Understand how to interpret words from their context
  • Know as many registers as possible
  • Learn as many words as possible and their meaning
  • Know synonyms, antonyms and usage of as many words as possible.
  • Learn as many idioms as possible
  • Understand oral English
  • For Jamb, you must finish the recommended Novel back to back.

These requirements are very possible. But you will agree with me that it takes time and serious effort before you are able to beat your chest that you are good to go. Many Jamb candidates don’t finish in the exam hall because of English. This is why I always recommend that you answer English last in Jamb.

English requires time. Also note that English may not be a difficult subject to you in particular, however, it is more difficult to score very high in English, Unlike mathematics and Economics.

My advise is that you should not put all your hope on English. Make sure you prepare adequately for your three other Jamb Subjects and 8 other subjects you enrolled in Waec 2021. You are to register four subjects in Jamb. Make sure you are grounded in at least three of your Jamb subjects.

Literature, Physics And Biology

The Jamb and Waec English appears simple to many candidates. However, they end up scoring lower than expected in the Subject. But for Literature, Physics and Biology, they don’t appear simple at all. You just have more than enough to do on your part to do well.

Literature: For literature, you need to read and understand the recommended novels. The funny thing is that only few questions will be asked. What if the questions don’t come from the part that you focused on in the novel? That’s a heart-break.

Some times the figures of speech set in literature get you confused and thinking of the right answer eats up more of your time. Thinking too much before answering questions in the hall eats much of your time.

Physics: Unlike mathematics where knowing formula may be enough, physics require manipulation and thinking outside the box (whether for Calculation or Theory Physics Questions).

The fact that you have the formulas for the laws of motion doesn’t mean that you can solve every motion question. You need to understand the formula, assume values not given and know the formula to use in each case. Assumption is another thing that makes physics very difficult. Sometimes you don’t know what to assume.

Biology: For Biology, it is very broad. Questions come out from the many topics and subtopics in Biology. You need to cover a whole lot before you can deliver something reasonable in the hall. There are a whole lot of topics you need to understand and “thousands of terms” cram before you can comfortably pass Biology.

The good news is that you can still do very well in Literature, Physics and Biology if you dedicate your time to understand them. They require your time and dedication; give it to them.

Subjects You are Not Good At

What you don’t know is senior to you. The subject you hate generally becomes your burden. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that the subject you hate will give you issues in the exam hall and result. If you hate Mathematics, you will find it difficult to do well in mathematics. If you hate English, you will have issues in Physics. You generally attract what you love.

Understanding Difficult Subjects: After a lot of complaint from students that some subjects are difficult, I have decided to create a complete guide on how to completely understand difficult subjects. You may want to go through it here.

Hope you found this guide helpful? Feel free to let me know how you feel using the comment box. If you found this article helpful, you can share with friends using the comment box.

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