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Real Jamb Past Questions And Hot Topics You Should Study

Real Jamb Past Questions And Hot Topics You Should Study

Jamb Past Questions and Hot Topics are among the tools you need to blast Jamb 2021. Jamb questions are repeated yearly in different ways. Jamb topics for all subjects are fixed too. You will see all Jamb Topics from the Jamb syllabus.

If you have ever wondered how to get Jamb past questions and answers for free, then this article is for you. I have made the past questions available. You can download them here now for free.

Free Jamb 2021 Past Questions (PQ) For All Subjects

You are now going through Jamb Past Questions. To download the Past questions, Click on Download or Get PQ after every Jamb Subject Listed. Don’t fail to go through the Recent Jamb Questions towards the end of this article.

1. Jamb English Past Questions and Hot Topics

The Use of English is a compulsory subject in Jamb. Whether you are a Science, an Art or Engineering student, you must sit for the English Language in Jamb 2021. This makes English the most popular subject in Jamb UTME.

Get Jamb English PQ

2. Jamb Mathematics Past Questions and Hot Topics

If you are going for Engineering, Physical science or Agric course, then mathematics is a core subject for you in Jamb. Thus, you need Jamb Mathematics past questions to prepare for the Examination.

Get Jamb Mathematics PQ

3. Jamb Physics Past Questions and Hot Topics

Jamb Physics is another wide subject in Jamb. Jamb Physics is a core subject for those going for Medicine, Engineering, Physics, and other Science courses.

Even medical students offer Physics in Jamb. Physics require practice; get Physics Past questions for Jamb and start studying hot Jamb Physics Questions. Solve as many questions as possible on your own.

Get Jamb Physics PQ

4. Jamb Biology Past Questions and Hot Topics

Jamb Biology is very wide and volatile. The best way to be successful in Jamb Biology is to be versatile. Read all the topics recommended by Jamb. Study as many years as possible in Jamb Biology past questions.

Apart from Jamb and Post UTME, you will face more biology topics as a Medicine, Pharmacy and Biological Science student when you finally gain admission to study at the University.

Jamb Biology questions are not what you should cram. Make sure you understand the questions in the Jamb past questions pack, as well as how the answers come about. Don’t study biology past questions if you have not first gone through a good Biology TextBook (Don’t make like difficult for your young self).

Get Jamb Biology PQ

5. Jamb Chemistry Past Questions and Hot Topics

To some students, Chemistry is interesting. To others, chemistry has too many structures that make it difficult to understand. Few have issues with balancing i

The category you are currently doesn’t matter. What matters is that you must make up your mind to fall in love with Jamb Chemistry. Download Jamb Chemistry Past Questions and hot topics to study below.

Download Jamb Chemistry PQ

6. Jamb Geography Past Questions and Hot Topics

You are not left out If you are offering Geography in Jamb. Just like your other three Jamb subjects, you urgently need to get Jamb Geography Questions and Answers.

Download Geography PQ

7. Jamb Economics Past Questions and Hot Topics

Jamb Economics is Interesting and easy to pass. If you study Jamb Economics test book and past questions very well, then you should finish all the Economics Questions within few minutes in the Examination hall.

Economics is a social science because it uses scientific methods to build theories that can help explain the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations. Economics attempts to explain economic behavior, which arises when scarce resources are exchanged.

Download Jamb Economics Questions

8. Jamb CRK Past Questions and Hot Topic

Jamb sets solid Christian Religious study questions. Just going to the church to hear sermon may not be sufficient for you to blast Jamb CRK/CRS. You need to get a recommended CRS textbook and past questions pack.

Download CRK Past Questions

9. Jamb Sweet Sixteen

Jamb sweet sixteen is the compulsory novel for Jamb’s use of English. Whether you are offering Literature in Jamb or not, you must study the novel.

Get Jamb Sweet Sixteen

Updated Jamb Past Questions For All Other Jamb Subjects

I have shared Jamb Mathematics Past Questions, Jamb CRS Past questions, Jamb Economics past questions, Jamb Geography Past questions, Jamb Chemistry past Questions, Jamb Biology Past Questions, Jamb English Past Questions, and Jamb Physics Past Questions. But you will notice three things:

  • Some Jamb Subjects are Missing. Examples are Accounts, Arabic, Commerce, Fine Art, French, Government, Hausa, History, Home Economics, Igbo, IRK, Music, and Yoruba.
  • Not all the Questions are recent. Recent years are missing in some Subjects, like Jamb 2019 Past questions, Jamb 2018 Past questions, and  Jamb 2017 past Questions.
  • Most of the past questions do not have answers. They are just Questions and options.

This leads to questions like, How can I get questions set in Jamb 2019? Can I download up to date Jamb past questions? How do I get Jamb last year and last two years Questions?

With every passing year, candidates ask questions like, “What Jamb subject combination do I need to study Medicine, Law, Engineering, Physics, Pharmacy, Agric, etc”. You may now click here to see the Jamb subject combination for all courses.

Many aspirants are denied admission due to the fact that they used the wrong subject combination during Jamb registration. This is where the Jamb Brochure comes handy.

The Jamb brochure shows courses offered in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education including their Jamb subject combination. Apart from combination of subjects, the. Jamb brochure specifies the O’level requirements to gain admission.

How to get Jamb Brochure? The brochure is free of charge. Feel free to download the Jamb brochure using the link below or wait to get it from Jamb during registration.

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