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Questions To Expect in Jamb Commerce (Jamb 2021)

Questions To Expect in Jamb Commerce

You’re here: Questions To Expect in Jamb Commerce (Jamb 2021). Are you looking for jamb 2021 possible questions for Commerce?, Do you want Questions To Expect in Jamb Commerce 2021?

Are you wanting to get jamb Commerce possible questions? do want to pass jamb 2021 and you are looking for ways to find questions or get answers to the jamb 2021 Commerce? in this article, I will give you 2021 jamb 40 likely questions on Commerce, kindly read and answer them on your own, the purpose of these questions is for you to study and get familiar with them…

Practice Jamb Commerce likely question 2021 Online

After all said and done, below are Questions in Jamb commerce (16) to help you in 2021. Trust me, questions are likely to come out from there.

Questions To Expect in Commerce And Answers

1. What is the Capital market for?

Answer: Long term loans

Practice Jamb commerce likely question 2021 Online

2. A document sent to a customer at regular intervals to enable him to know his indebtedness to his supplies is known as

Answer: Statement

3. The physical components of a computer system refers to

Answer: Hardware

4. Ships used for international transport are

Answer: Ocean Liners

5. The sum of money paid by a policyholder to an insurer is referred to as

Answer: Premium

6. The warehouse that is owned and controlled by the government is a?

Answer: State warehouse

7. What is a major function of a chamber of commerce?

Answer: Promoting both home and foreign trade

8. Efforts geared towards establishing and maintaining a good image for a company is termed…

Answer: Public relations

9. The agreement of insurers to spread risks among themselves is a major feature of …

Answer: Re-insurance

10. The conversion of raw materials into finished products creates Form Utility.

11. The focal point of marketing is

Answer: Sales

12. Entrepot trade refers to

Answer: Importing for re-exporting

13. What guarantees the keeping of money for a long period?

Answer: Durability

14. The right to retain possession of goods until the contract is paid is known as

Answer: Alien

15. An advertising medium which combines the advantage of sound and motion is?

Answer: Television

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16. A study to discover consumer’s preferences and needs is called…

Answer: Market Segmentation

17. Dumping means selling goods abroad At a lower price than in the home market.

18. The exchange of goods for other goods in home trade is known as

Answer: Barter Trade

19. The process of transferring data from one computer to another is referred to as

Answer: Downloading

20. James purchased goods from Samson and is to pay customs duties before collection. The goods are likely to be collected from a?

Answer: A bonded warehouse

21. Commerce is defined as the study of what?

Answer: Study of how man buys, sells, and distribute goods and services.

22. An international trade, exchanging goods for other goods and services purchased instead of paying in foreign currency is known as

Answer: Countertrade

23. The market structure, business conditions and financial systems in Nigeria constitute the

Answer: Economic Environment

24. The system of parting with authority but not responsibility is known as

Answer: Delegating

25. When the old customer stick to the old places to buy goods and services, it is known as

Answer: Goodwill

26. Who is liable for the contracts entered into by the agent on behalf of his principal?

Answer: Prinicipal

27. The insurance principle that requires full disclosure of information on the insured is known as

Answer: Uberrimae Fidei

28. ___ Requires acceptance by debtor to make it valuable.

Answer: Bill of exchange

29. An aspect of commerce that facilitates the distribution of product is

Answer: Transportation

30. The difference between personal selling and sales promotion is that sales promotion includes free gifts and samples, personal selling involves___

Answer:  Face-to-face communication with customers

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31. An agreement between two parties which can be enforced is called

Answer: A contract

32. The most suitable organizational structure for a small or medium-sized enterprise is

Answer: Line structure

33. The type of advertising that seeks to persuade consumers to buy a particular product is

Answer: Persuasive advertising

34. A machine which enables sales without the physical presence of the sale attendant is a

Answer: Vending Machine

35. The variety of goods and services which the company offers for sales is its

Answer: Product Mix

36. A distinctive symbol, title or design that readily identifies the company and its product is

Answer: Trademark

37. An individual who makes the final use of goods and services provided by a firm is the ___

Answer: Consumer

38. Treasury bills are issued by

Answer: Central bank

39. The essential utility derived from the use of a product is known as

Answer: Core benefit

40.  Ocean liners are subdivided into

Answer: Passenger liners and cargo liners

Questions To Expect in Jamb Commerce: The 40 Questions and answers will cover every Chapter in Jamb commerce. However, the Likely commerce Questions will not be arranged topic by topic.

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