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JAMB Application and Admission Statistics

JAMB Application and Admission

JAMB Application and Admission Statistics. You will find the most chosen University in JAMB 2021. Some schools have more applicants than others as will discover from this post. Do you want to know The JAMB Application and Admission Statistics for 2020/2021?

Having applied for 2021 JAMB in order to gain admission in the 2021/2022 academic session into your school of choice, it is important to know the number of candidates who applied to study the same course with you in your school of choice.

This will give you a clear view of the number of competitors you are to face and how to compete with them maximally in order to stand a chance of being admitted.

Have you asked yourself this question, “How many persons applied to study the same course as me and in the same University for Jamb 2021?”

The answer is right here. Ensure you read this article to the end to get everything you need about JAMB course statistics 2021.

If you have ever asked the above question, then you are not alone. Thousands of other Jamb candidates are eager to know how many persons they are competing in their choice Universities/Polytechnics and Course of Study.

JAMB Application and Admission Statistics for 2020/2021

Number of Candidates Who Applied To Study The Same Course With You

Medicine, Pharmacy & Health Sciences Faculty has emerged the most applied Faculty in the concluded 2021 JAMB UTME Registration.

A total of 435,897 candidates applied for various courses under this faculty, with more applications coming from Female Candidates in the faculty. 275,323 female candidates applied, while 160,574 Male candidates applied to the faculty.

See statistics of other faculties from the illustration below;

Candidates Who Applied To My School In 2021 Jamb?

Ever since the recent Jamb CBT Update, it has been very difficult to answer this question very accurately. Before now, Jamb usually gives official statistics after results are released.

This enables candidates to know the number of persons they are competing with. Now, things have changed. Jamb doesn’t really pay attention to making such statistics public anymore.

Note: Currently, 1.9 million candidates have registered for the 2020 UTME

However, I shall keep you informed if Jamb should release the number of candidates who applied to your school of choice.

JAMB UTME Application Statistics by the State of Origin

1 OYO 102,358 5.43
2 IMO 99,002 5.25
3 OSUN 94,381 5.00
4 OGUN 88,152 4.67
5 DELTA 84,518 4.48
6 KADUNA 84,431 4.48
7 KANO 80,638 4.27
8 BENUE 79,785 4.23
9 ANAMBRA 74,872 3.97
10 KOGI 74,553 3.95
11 KWARA 71,672 3.80
12 EDO 69,715 3.70
13 AKWA IBOM 67,738 3.59
14 ENUGU 66,594 3.53
15 ONDO 65,808 3.49
16 PLATEAU 54,504 2.89
17 ABIA 50,960 2.70
18 EKITI 46,153 2.45
19 RIVERS 45,862 2.43
20 NASARAWA 44,453 2.36
21 KATSINA 39,576 2.10
22 CROSS RIVER 37,166 1.97
23 BORNO 35,423 1.88
24 LAGOS 33,831 1.79
25 BAUCHI 32,902 1.74
26 NIGER 31,654 1.68
27 EBONYI 31,221 1.65
28 GOMBE 29,095 1.54
29 ADAMAWA 27,094 1.44
30 TARABA 26,637 1.41
31 JIGAWA 23,479 1.24
32 BAYELSA 19,680 1.04
33 YOBE 19,452 1.03
34 KEBBI 18,262 0.97
35 SOKOTO 16,473 0.87
36 ZAMFARA 9,999 0.53
37 FCT 7,736 0.41
38 OTHERS 392 0.02

Back to the question, how do I know the number of persons that applied to my course and University?

The guidelines below will walk you through to know the number of candidates who applied to study the same course with you in your University of choice:

  1. Your school may announce the number of candidates and the course they applied to study.
  2. Jamb would release the official list of schools, the number of candidates who applied to study there and population per course.
  3. Use the schools’ past record to predict the number of persons that applied to study the same course with you.
  4. The nature of the course can clearly tell you how many persons would apply. For instance, 13,000 candidates applied for Medicine in Uniben, Unilag, Unilorin, etc annually.

Talking about courses of study, we know that courses Like Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Business Admin and Ecostats are very competitive in all Universities across Nigeria.

Talking about Schools, The top Federal Universities are usually the most competitive in terms of admission, followed by other federal Universities and State Universities and polytechnics. As usual, private schools are usually the least competitive.

Nature of Jamb 2020 Results And Performance

JAMB’s general performance wasn’t really bad. Many passed while others failed. Those who scored low were far more than those who scored high. You are really not alone if you scored low. Jamb 2020 may not be far from that…

Which School Can I gain Admission With Low Score?

If you don’t perform very well in the Jamb 2020 results, it is not the end of life. You can still secure admission into good universities and polytechnics around.

If you have any questions about JAMB Application statistics, kindly drop your question in the comment box and we shall attend to you as soon as possible.

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