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JAMB 2021: How To Correct JAMB Registration Name After Registration

How To Correct JAMB Registration

I made a mistake during JAMB 2021 registration, how do I correct it? This is the trending question candidates are asking. You may be wondering, how can I edit my JAMB registration name after completing the registration? That is exactly what you will know at the end of this article.

In this article, we will be talking on the trending topic tagged “How To Correct JAMB Registration Name After Registration 2021”.

Since the commencement of JAMB 2021 registration, a lot of candidates have fallen victim to one error or the other during registration. If you are also a victim of this, then there is a piece of good news for you.

The good news is, you can now successfully correct the errors made during the registration. You should ask me how can I correct JAMB 2021 registration errors? Continue reading this article below.

In this guide, I will reveal to you how to change your JAMB Registration Name by sending SMS to JAMB Short Code (55019).


If you mistype your name while creating your JAMB profile, then follow the guide below to change it.

To correct the name on your JAMB registration form, send the correct SURNAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME as a text message to the shortcode, 55019. See the sample below:


NOTE: The changes can only be effected when you use the mobile number used while creating the profile to send this request.
Now, you have successfully changed your JAMB Registration Name.

If you made mistake during JAMB profile creation but you paid for or collect any E-PIN with that profile, you should just create and new profile with the new Phone number.

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