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Will 2021 Jamb Be Difficult? – See How Jamb 2021 Will Look Like

Will 2021 Jamb Be Difficult? – See How Jamb 2021 Will Look Like.

Will 2020 Jamb Be Difficult?

Just In: Someone asked me a question that prompts me to write this article, the guy said to me “Will 2021 Jamb Be Difficult?”, and if that is the reason why you are here too then you are welcome as I will explain to you all, so sit down grab a drink and See How Jamb 2021 Will Look Like.

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Truth be told there are no jamb exams that have been an easy walk over mostly now that they have introduced extreme measures to counter candidates and special centers operators who are deeply involved in malpractice.

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  • Introduction of CCVT cameras:

with this new development, candidates won’t be given any space to misbehave in the hall, no helping hands, no side talk and no asking for help from anyone. this means that the 2021/2022 JAMB exams are going to be tough for those who are not well prepared.

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  • Introduction of the computer-based test:

computer base test is no easy exams, everything is being run by the system, from timing to other tight measures, I will advise you to be well prepared so that you
won’t be caught unaware.

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Jamb 2021 Questions an overview

It’s no news that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB has reduced the total number of
questions in each subject. and also they have reduced the time to just less than 2hrs

  • Total Number of Questions: 180
    Time to answer all questions: 2 Hours
    Use of English: 60 Questions
    Other 3 Subjects: 40 Questions Each.

my verdict: Jamb 2021 won’t be a walkover, it will be stressful and a little bit tougher than previous

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though I don’t see jamb introducing more new questions, rather am seeing old past questions
dominating the scene. those who prepared very well with past questions will smile out from the exam
hall. the best I can advise you is to use past question and prepare for jamb, but the good news is that you can practice question here on 9jajointlearn for free online

practice jamb online quiz here

below are also articles that would help you survive 2021 jamb

After reading all this article and you still, fail jamb (which I know it’s impossible) then don’t visit 9jajoinlearn again, when you take everything written here serious then my people’s success is yours! do you find this helpful? please share and comment below!

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