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6 Kinds Of Persons That May Not Pass Jamb 2021

Kinds Of Persons That May Fail Jamb 2021.

6 Kinds Of Persons That May Not Pass Jamb 2020

I hope you are liking the 9jajointlearn posts already? I am 100% sure that your answer is yes. Welcome to another edition of Jamb guide with Innoswagzy Pera. Today I want to tell you all, 6 Kinds Of Persons That May Fail Jamb 2021.

In my last article, I expressly discussed the five important persons you must meet to pass Jamb 2021. I hope you have met them? You surely need those guys.

In this article, I will be listing the six categories of persons that may fail Jamb 2021 and what they need to do right now. If you are in any of the categories that I am about to list, you had better follow the recommendations so as not to fall victim.

The 6 Group Of Jambites That May Fail Jamb 2021

Social Candidates

I call them social Jamb candidates because they are always online getting the latest news about Jamb. They know the latest novel recommended by Jamb but have never opened it.

These guys just want to see things happen. They never attempt to make things happen. These guys can argue and abuse Jamb online, but they have never discussed any Jamb topic with friends. They argue about Jamb syllabus and past questions but have never utilized them.

To score very high in Jamb 2021, you need a private study life. Don’t live a life of public success but a private disaster. If I may ask, when last did you dedicate 15 hours to marathon study for Jamb 2021? Nothing comes easily my dear. You need to put in maximum effort to get maximum rewards.

The Religious Jambites

These sets of persons believe that God will come down from heaven to help them write the exam. They attend all the services and prayer meetings. They hardly open their books.

One word these guys have in common is that the Holy Ghost will give them answers in the exam hall. The last time I checked, the work of the Holy Ghost is to help you remember what you have studied. If you have not studied anything, what will you then remember?

God loves hard work. A little wonder he commanded us to study to show ourselves approved. He even confirmed that his people perish due to a lack of knowledge.

Study hard for the examination and the Holy Ghost will remind you of all you have studied. God will ensure that you get the right score.

The Shortcut Masters

These persons are always after the fastest and quickest way to pass jamb. They always want to bypass rules. These persons searching the internet morning and night for sites where they can get Jamb expo and confirm runs.

Shortcut masters are very hardworking, however, they do not channel the work to their study life. These guys always fall into the hands of scammers and they ultimately face disappointments.

Those who depend on expo will likely fail jamb 2021. This is as a result of the recent Jamb CBT update that has put malpractice on the check.

Hard work doesn’t kill. Shortcuts will always lead to cut-shorts. You have all it takes to pass Jamb. Believe in yourself and work hard; then success is yours.

The Fearful Jambites

Fear is one of the biggest pieces of evidence that appears real. Never get afraid to face Jamb 2021. The truth of the matter is that the Jamb you are afraid of is also afraid of you. The fear of failure can eventually make you fail jamb 2021.

The fearful Jambites sit in their corner and discuss how difficult it is to score high. Some of them believe that there is no way they can score up to 250. All these put fear in their minds and kill their confidence.

Never conclude on yourself. You might have heard or seen how others fail Jamb. But you have also seen or heard about those who scored very high in Jamb, right? Just like others, You have all it takes to pass Jamb 2021. Believe in yourself ad work harder.

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The Slow Jambites

Speed is of greatest demand in the 21st century. You would fail jamb 2021 if you are not fast; even with your hard work.

There is always no time in the Jamb exam hall. Before you know it, time is over. You need to learn how to answer Jamb questions very fast. I have already worked on this in an amazing article.

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The Crammers

These persons are hardworking. The only thing is that they don’t study to understand. They cram solutions and past questions. With a little twist in Jamb’s questions, they get confused. You need to aim for a better understanding. You may want to read the right way to study for jamb here.



Later things. This is the language of procrastinators. They always feel there is time. Before they realize it, it is already the exam week. If you have just realized that you still have a whole lot to cover for Jamb 2021, there is still hope for you. Click here to read how to prepare for Jamb overnight.

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Remember, failure is a choice and success requires some processes.

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