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Jamb Recommended Ways To Fix Invalid Email Address And Password

Jamb Recommended Ways To Fix Invalid Email Address And Password.

Jamb Recommended Ways To Fix Invalid Email Address And Password

A lot of candidates have been having issues while trying to login to the Profile on Jamb portal.
Today we are going to see some of the problems that will stop one from login into his Profile and how we can successfully fix the problem.

Fix Invalid Email Address: Login into the Jamb profile requires the use of an email address and a password.

If one is unable to successfully log in to Jamb profile, it means that one of the login details is wrong or invalid, which may be the Email address or the password. We are not going to waste any time on the issue of the email address as it can easily be remembered during registration.
Let’s see how to fix Jamb Profile incorrect login details due to the wrong login password.
This occurs when one tries to login with an Invalid password that is not recorded with the email address provided.
If you received an error while trying to log in because you forgot your password, we are going to show you how to change your password and login successfully to your Jamb Profile.

How To change Jamb Profile Login Password

Jamb forgot password
  • When next page opens, enter your Email Address and Date of Birth and click on “GET PASSWORD RESET LINK”
  • If you entered your details correctly, You will then see a message like the one in the picture below.
Jamb forgot password
  • Login to your email address which may either be a Gmail or a yahoo mail.
  • You will see a message just like the one in the image below, click on “Reset my Password“.


A page with a “CREATE NEW PASSWORD ” will appear.

  • Enter your new password and click “Change Password“.
  • Congratulations you have successfully changed your Jamb Profile password.
  • You can now proceed to login to your Jamb profile.

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  1. It’s still saying email doesn’t exist wen I tried it

  2. I used an email that is yahoo.com instead of gmail.com can I change it ?

  3. Please i opened an email the day i wanted to register for jamb and ever since then ave not been using it not until I went to jamb portal for my opt and I tried opening the email and it was saying email dose not exist.I recovered the email that same day but the code sent to my email did not enter why?.Now my jamb portal is not opening and i tried doing resetting of password,a mail was sent to that same gmail i used in opening jamb but still did not get it.please I’m helpless and I’m in need of so much help….hear my pleading heart…..there is no much time left for me.

  4. If I want to login into my jamb portal dey will say email or password invalid

    I have tried 2 change de password but dey will tell me email invalid am tired of it please help me

  5. Pls what happens when you open two jamb profile with one Gmail, I sort of opened one myself and at the cbt another was opened for me, but I can’t access the one open at the CBT and that is where jamb has recognized. Should I be worried ???

  6. I have been trying to log in to my profile for ages it will show inalud password or email I click reset password and it will turn show invalid email address or record does not exist and it’s the same email that is in all my jamb slips,I can’t print admission letter norcheck my results please help me!!

  7. Hello,when I registered,my email was required at the CBT centre and no password was given to me.please how do I now login to my jamb profile?? ..I’m very confused and they’re things I need to change…
    What do I do??

  8. Sorry but I tried creating a jamb account and it said it sent a message to my email but it’s not appearing in my Gmail messages
    I have tried so many times but it’s not still showing in my Gmail messages. Please reply
    Thank you

  9. Pls sir, I’ve been trying to login to my profile to print out my jamb result and jamb admission letter, but it keeps telling me invalid email address or password, I’m confused here, pls I need your urgent response

  10. Sir there was a mistake in my Gmail for jamb.instead of @gmail.com they wrote @gmail.coma and the password is no longer going for the email,and there is no way I can reset password,what can I do

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