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Best And Most Paid Ways To Pass Neco Examination 2021

Best And Most Paid Ways To Pass Neco Examination 2021.

Ways To Pass Neco Examination

How Do I Pass Neco Examination 2021 without expo or cheating or runs?

Have you been searching for the best guide on how to pass neco once and for all without cheats? If yes then this post is for you.

As this year’s neco draws close by, it is important we guide our visitors who happen to be candidates of NECO exams on the proper steps to take in order to get A’s and B’s.

Our target for you is A’s and B’s in this year’s NECO exams, as you all know O level results plays an important role in securing admission in any higher institution as they are mostly combined with what you scored in post utme . The higher your grade the higher your chances of securing  admission.

A lot of NECO candidates are  scared because they thought  that the National Examination Council Exam-NECO is more difficult to pass than waec. But the irony of the matter is that thousands of students pass NECO Examination every year, this goes a long way to prove that one can still achieve success in NECO.

This proves that there is still possibilities that you can smashed your NECO exam once and for all if you do the right thing.

In this post I will be talking about how you can pass neco exams with out cheats and still make good grades. We have talk about how to pass waec 2021 once if you could go back to the previous series of this topic here…   as well as how to pass Jamb 2021 without expo in my other series.

Most candidates have been mailing me if it will be possible to pass NECO exams with out malpractice or expo/runs as you chose to call it, if you are among these set of candidates that is looking for how to pass NECO exams hands down then this post is for you.

Information they say is power, hence as a NECO candidate you need to know the approved syllabus, right books to read etc. In order to make a good Neco 2021 results. You may want to click here for every update as regards Neco 2021. And if you are planning to take waec 2021 too, then click here for everything about waec 2021.

Ways To Pass Neco Examination 2021

To be make good grades in NECO you need to have the right steps to follow.  The steps below will order you to pass Neco 2021 and if truly you adhere to this steps success is yours.

  • power of the mind.
  • Set goals and plan how to actualize your goals.
  • Get the 2021 NECO approved test books
  • Get waec or neco past questions-a must.
  • Start your reading- very compulsory.
  • Always attempt examples.
  • Solve problems in past questions-very necessary.
  • Put yourself in exam condition to see how Neco 2021 would be like.
  • Practice 24/7
  • revision your book.
  • Attend extra moral classes

I will take out time to outline this point I listed up.


hope you know that you are the product of what you think.

As you prepare for neco 2021 reset your mind , you must develop a positive mindset towards making a good grade, always imagine your self as a successful student .

“Stop saying will i ever pass this neco exam? ” if anyone has ever told you that neco is hard or difficult that you won’t make it, please reject it. Always try and be positive no matter what. See your self in the good side.

Always confess positivity in your life, always say if it’s only 1 person that will pass this year neco exams in my school I will be that 1 person.
You have to understand that there is power in spoken words and creativity starts in the mind.

Every great man always imagine and picture what they have achieved before it came to manifestation. Sit for neco 2021/2022 will a refined mindset. Nothing will make you fail neco 2021.


Past questions is one of the keys to outstanding success in WAEC, everyone knows this,you can adopt this same techniques to NECO .
Walk to any book shop around you and order for past questions on NECO, PLEASE make sure that it is complete always check the dates, a good one should start from 1989 to 2017…..  To practice neco past questions for free here at 9jajointlearn.com.ng  click here.


You must develop a good reading habits, this is the only way you can familiarize your self on how NECO set their questions.
Get some good text books  Begin your reading.


You have to set a target for your self and walk towards actualization of the target. You might ask how do i set a target for my self ? This is quite simple map out how many A’s and B’s you want to get in 2021 NECO  PLEASE never settle for less, thus is my strategy and it has worked not only for me but for numerous friends of mine.

Once your target has been set, you now have to plan your actualize it, set the necessary strategies you will follow, if it will be possible to register for an extra moral class please do, if you wish to read all through the night please do.

Dont forget to Create a timetable and master plan to achieve your goals and objectives . Avoid anything that kills your time.


I will always advise you to stick with neco recommended text books because Neco can not set questions outside their recommended text books, if you must get any other text book let it be more comprehensive , you are free to use any good textbook to prepare for Neco 2021 exam.

There is no point getting a text books that is difficult to understand that is why I said always look out for easy to understand text books.


Secondary school students are fond of skipping exercises and even examples while studying textbooks. Like in Mathematics text books you will see lots of examples there why not try your hands on them believe me most times neco do copy this examples and set questions from them.

Examples will also prepare you ahead of other hard questions.


A good student will always revise his or her books, as a student who want to smash his or her results once and for all its important you Revise  your books.


Past questions has been an instrumental tool to me, I must confess my academic success is attributed to past questions. Do you know that about 70% of questions been set in NECO now is from past questions?

Don’t overlooked past questions always try to study it and solve the problem you see there.


One of the way I use to test my self and check how prepared i am is to meet my follow students and let them set any questions from the text books or past questions for me to solve.


Be consistent in your reading habits, don’t read and stop the next day.


Attending regular classes, this is important, take those questions you can’t solve on your own to your teachers in your lesson center and ask them to help you out.

I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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