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Recommended Ways To Manage Time When Working And Still Preparing For Jamb

Recommended Ways To Manage Time When Working And Still Preparing For Jamb.

Recommended Ways To Manage Time When Working And Still Preparing For Jamb

Can I combine my work and Jamb and Still Score High? Yes, it is very possible. I was in your shoes.  It wasn’t easy but I was able to pass Jamb and gain admission into the University of Benin. In fact, my name came out in Uniben’s first batch admission list.

Many Jamb candidates have all the time in the world to read for Jamb. Others go to work and still combine it with preparations for Jamb. In any which way, the goal is to pass Jamb 2021.

Life is about time Management. We try to overcome what we cannot avoid. I understand that it is not very easy to prepare for Jamb as a worker or a parent. This is where your ability to manage time and multitask comes to play.

Time is an asset. What you do with your time determines your level of greatness and fulfillment in this world. You must learn to manage time so that you can complete the important tasks in life.

After work, you will certainly get tired. Even after resting or sleeping, you would need to put one or two things together. This further reduces the time you have to read for Jamb. But the interesting thing is that you don’t need to study for many hours daily to pass Jamb 2021.

Working and Still Preparing For Jamb 2021

What you should do is very simple:

  1. Remove all Excuses from your mind.
  2. Know that no excuse can justify your failure in Jamb 2021.
  3. If I, CEO at 9JaJointLearn, did it, then you can. Let this sink.
  4. Always rest after work. It is not a good practice to study while you are tired (Your assimilation will be poor). Make sure you are refreshed before picking a book to Study.
  5. Get Jamb Textbooks, rough notes, and Jamb syllabus.
  6. Create at least two hours daily to prepare for Jamb.
  7. Make sure you are consistent in your studies. Don’t miss any day for anything.
  8. If possible, be close to someone who is taking Jamb in your area to put you through some topics. This will save you the time of reading everything on your own.
  9. Take advantage of your free time and holidays. Ensure to cover as many topics as possible while the period lasts.
  10. Cultivate the habit of study along with Jamb past questions.
  11. Don’t just read like novels, always jot down important points.
  12. Don’t skip any topic you don’t understand, meet someone to explain.
  13. Have at least two full-time Jamb candidates to be putting you through some subjects.
  14. Answer at least five years of Jamb past questions before Jamb date.
  15. Do not neglect the Jamb use of English. Study it very well. Go through the recommended Novel.
  16. Don’t let social media distract you. Social media brings out the laziness in you. After Jamb, you will have all the time to go online.
  17. Know the best study method that works for you and stick to it.
  18. If you can use a phone at work, get flashlearners Jamb app and practice when you have any free time. Flashlearners Jamb app will be a great tool for you.


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Nobody wants to hear that you failed Jamb because of your Job. But people want to hear how you passed Jamb even when you combined the preparations with your work.

While preparing for Jamb in 2014, I was helping my Aunt to sell in her shop. I was spending up to 15 hours daily in the shop. Yet, I still made my time count. I do take my books to the shop. Anytime there were fewer customers (or none), I quickly go through my books and past questions.

Before then, I never loved to read under heavy noise, but I had no option but to adapt. In the long run, I passed Jamb and gained admission to study my desired course at my admired University.

What does that tell you? Success is a choice. If you have made up your mind to succeed, nothing can stop you. We don’t have all the time, but we can create time. No matter how busy you claim to be, you still have time. In fact, you are spending the time to go through this article.

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I hope I have answered your question, now please share to your loved ones and don’t forget to remind me in anyone you feel am not correct by using the comment box below!

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