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Proven Ways To Prepare For Waec, Neco & Jamb Together

Prepare For Waec Neco Jamb Together

Prepare For Waec Neco Jamb Together: It is no news that most of the candidates sitting for waec 2021 are also sitting for Jamb 2021. As a matter of fact, some persons are writing Waec, Neco and Jamb together this year. It is therefore important to learn how to balance your studies so that you don’t pass one and fail the other woefully. Do you want to Prepare For Waec Neco Jamb Together?

For one or two reasons, you may want to sit for both Waec and Jamb this year. It could be that you are writing the examinations for the first time or you didn’t pass waec earlier. But what I am more concerned about is that you are sitting for both Waec and Jamb this year.

Now, I have already written a detailed article on how to read for waec and Jamb. I highly recommend that you click here for how to effectively read for waec and Jamb. I won’t go into Neco because an adequate preparation for waec is more than enough to pass neco.

In this article, I shall take you through how to balance your reading since you are taking waec and jamb together. But before I proceed, you need to understand that you can sit for Jamb without waec result. It is called “using an awaiting result

The good news is that Waec now releases results within 45 days of writing the exam (unlike before when it takes months). Therefore, your result will surely be released before Jamb starts giving admission. You shall then upload the result to jamb portal.


Proven Ways To Prepare For Waec Neco Jamb Together

How To Combine Reading For Waec And Jamb The Same Year

Before I go deep into how you can prepare for waec and Jamb together, it is imperative that you note the following points:

  1. When you read for waec, you are also reading for Jamb.
  2. Jamb is not an A level examination. It is what you have done in secondary school.
  3. Must I cover both waec and Jamb syllabus? It’s your choice
  4. You don’t need to get separate textbooks for Waec and Jamb.
  5. A good textbook should cover all waec and Jamb topics.
  6. Jamb questions are a little bit more tricky than waec questions
  7. It is compulsory that you study along with past questions
  8. Your exam is worth sacrificing fun for.

Don’t Forget That Jamb is Objective (OBJ):

Jamb questions are multiple-choice questions. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board don’t care about your workings. What Jamb cares about is your final answers. It is either you are correct or you are wrong.

Since steps are not marked in Jamb, you are free to use various shortcuts to arrive at your answers (to save time). In fact, you can skip as many steps as possible.

Understand That Waec Is Objective & Theory/Essay

Unlike Jamb, waec is objective and theory. For some subjects, you will carry out practicals. Just like Jamb, the objective part of waec doesn’t require your workings. All you need is to solve on a rough sheet and them tick the answers you think are correct.

Waec theory requires your workings. Your steps are required and will be marked. You need to show the examiners the step you took to arrive at your final answers.

The good part of waec theory is that you will get some marks even when your final answer is wrong. But the more shortcut you use, the more your marks will be cut short. You must put down every step to get your full mark.

Use Past Questions to Know What to Expect

Past questions are the most important tool to prepare for waec and Jamb. Waec past questions prepare you for standard waec questions while Jamb past questions tell you what Jamb is likely to set.

Waec sets questions slightly different from the way Jamb does. The use of past questions will make you know how waec and Jamb set questions. Therefore, you must get both waec and Jamb past questions.

Read the same textbook for waec and Jamb but don’t use waec past questions to prepare for Jamb.

The only way past questions will fail is when you cram. You are supposed to understand past questions and not to cram.

You may not need Syllabus

You honestly do not need to use syllabus if you are writing both waec and Jamb. Waec syllabus plus Jamb syllabus equals the full textbook. And by study and understand up to ten years past questions, you have practically covered the full waec and Jamb syllabus.

Pay More Attention To Waec

When you prepare for waec, you are indirectly preparing for Jamb. However, you should pay more attention to Waec. Waec is Objective, Theory and Practical. Waec requires discipline and patience. You need to learn how to plot graphs, how to do constructions, how to write an essay and letter to succeed in waec.

Your waec result is forever while Jamb is just one year stuff. If you pass Jamb and fail waec, you can’t still go to school (you would have to sit for waec and Jamb again). But if you pass waec and fail Jamb, you won’t have to sit for waec again.

Another reason you should focus on waec is that Jamb is easy to pass. With 200/400 you are good to go. But an F in Maths or English can make you sit for waec again.

Don’t Get Distracted

You won’t fail because you are writing waec and Jamb together. But you will fail because of distractions. Most of the things that are distracting you now are not worth it.

You can’t be preparing for exams like waec and neco and still be spending hours daily chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Facebook and others are here to stay but you have limited time to prepare for your exams. Why not give it your all today? or would you be happy writing the exam again next year?

Read And Read

Other steps mentioned so far are important but reading is “importanter“. There is no alternative to reading. I can advise you, your teacher will teach you, your parents will counsel you, pastors will pray for you but no one will read for you. It is your duty. You need to carry it out perfectly.

It is time you grow above one hour reading. Learn to study for at least five hours daily. With such, you will be able to finish all your subjects, cover many years in waec and Jamb past questions and as well have enough time for more practice and revision.

Are you still having issues studying for long hours without losing concentration? Then your problem is half solved. Click here to read my article on how to study for long hours without losing concentration.

Remember, constant practice is what matters.

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You need a Mentor

The journey is far. You need someone who has arrived to guide you. Someone needs to motivate you daily or weekly (that you can do it). Someone needs to tell you how to be successful in waec and neco. This person is called Mentor.

Look for someone to look up to. That’s why I am here for you. I accept to be your mentor. I will push out articles and resources you need to pass waec and Jamb once and for all.

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The following bonus tips will motivate you to prepare for the two exams together:

  • Nobody will accept any reason for your failure
  • You have all it takes to pass waec and Jamb
  • Know that killing time is not murder but suicide.
  • Don’t just read like novels, always jot down important points.
  • Don’t skip any topic you don’t understand, meet someone to explain.
  • Answer at least five years of Jamb past questions.
  • Do not neglect the Jamb use of English. Study it very well.
  • Know the best study method that works for you and stick to it.

Hope you found this article on How To Prepare For Waec Neco Jamb Together helpful? Feel free share and to let your friends know about it and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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