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How Can I Score 300 In jamb? – (Jamb Series Pt9)

How Can I Score 300 In jamb?

You’re currently reading How Can I Score 300 In jamb? – (Jamb Series Pt9). So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question How Can I Score High In Jamb?, how can I score 300 above in my jamb.

Well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “How you can easily score 300 in jamb 2021?” will get your answers below, continue reading!

Good news to all the 9JajointLearners jamb candidates worldwide, we have just lunch our online Jamb Series 2021 to assist the current and up and coming jamb candidates in the whole of Nigeria. this is part 9 of this series and you can check out part 10 HERE or part 8 HERE

Your Jamb score is a major factor in gaining admission. If you think you will be admitted with connection, change that thought now and start focusing on how to pass JAMB 2021

How Can I Score 300 In jamb?


It is not too early to start reading for JAMB 2021/2022. The earlier, the higher your chances of scoring high. Don’t wait till after JAMB 2021/2022 registration before you start reading. Let me share my personal reading experience with you. I read textbooks from Monday to Friday, at least 4hours daily uninterrupted.

You might be thinking, how can I read for 4hours daily without losing concentration? I shared that secrets in my article on 12 Most Effective Ways To Pass An Examination”. On Saturdays, I Solve Past Questions For All My 4 Subjects And Add My Total Score. With This, I Was Able To Keep Track Of My Progress.

On Sundays, I rest, watch T.V and I don’t read at all. Before the commencement of my UTME examination, I was able to complete all my textbooks twice!. If you can use this method consistently or derive a better method, you’ll end Scoring above 300 in Jamb 2021/2022.
It is what you have in your head and not a big head that takes you ahead.


Time-table will help you to remain consistent with reading. Make sure you don’t miss your daily reading schedule. This is another technique to prepare for Jamb 2021 and pass.


Everybody has his/her own weak point. As for me, it was biology until I devoted more time to reading biology. I started developing personal interest in it, and now it is one of my best subjects.

If there’s any subject you think is hard for you to understand/remember, it means you have not been spending more time on it or you have shown a lack of interest in it. Change your mindset, tell yourself, “I want to know this subject!”.


When I changed my mindset and focus on biology, I started reading it and spent more time on it. After two months, I discovered I had only 2 topics left in biology while I have at least 7 each in chemistry and Physics that were my favourites initially.

I had neglected my Chemistry and Physics duties and focused on Biology only. I had to shift back to Chemistry and Physics so as to strike a balance between the 3 subjects. What I am trying to say is, “While you are working on your weaknesses, don’t neglect your strengths. They are the best places to bag cool marks in Jamb 2021″.


Did I unleash the secret to you that Jamb will never set questions out of the syllabus? Make proper use of the syllabus and cover all the topics in it.

I hope I have answered your question, now please share to your loved ones and don’t forget to remind me in anyone you feel am not correct by using the comment box below!

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