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NECO Result Released Date 2020/2021

NECO Result Released Date

NECO Result Released Date: Is NECO result for 2020 out? If you are interested in knowing if NECO result is out and also when NECO result for 2020/2021 will be out then this post will be useful for you.

Well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “is NECO result out? will get your answers below, continue reading!

The estimated date for the release of NECO result for 2020 has been published here in this post. If you participated in the just-concluded NECO examination for 2020 then you may be curious to know if NECO result is out or when NECO result will come out.

If you have been asking the question, “Is it true that NECO results have been released and how do I check Neco 2020/2021 results online? Then this article is for you.

Is NECO result Out?

As at the time of updating this post, NECO result has been released and has been uploaded on the NECO result checking portal by the management. We are going to keep updating this page as soon as there more are information about NECO result 2020.

NECO Result Released Date 2020/2021

NECO result has been released and has been uploaded on the NECO result checking portal by the management. This is likely to be so as candidates who are using NECO as awaiting result is expected to upload their NECO result on JAMB Caps portal before they can be offered admission or when they have been offered admission.

How to Check NECO Result.

Please note that you NEED to purchase tokens to check BECE Result. RECOMMENDED: How to Purchase NECO Token.
  1. Go to the NECO result checking portal at result.neco.gov.ng.
  2. Pick your exam year. i.e. 2019
  3. Pick your exam type, select SSCE Internal June/July
  4. Enter your Token Number and registration number in the appropriate columns.
  5. Finally, click on the check result button to access your NECO result.

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  1. Which day will neco released the result

    • My son is waiting for this Neco result for his Admission in futo.he took chemistry practical,he has taken theory and objective part of the exam and took the remaining paper with just concluded Neco resul exam.. please l plead for the release of my son’s result for his Administratio admission.The body should help the boy to secure his admission from futo

  2. Are we still writing the pending exams for neco and I hope it won’t delay the releasing of results

  3. Late December or early January

  4. Abachi Benjamin Anthony

    Will neco results meet up with admission this year


  6. Will neco release results before fifth of next month?

  7. is it true that neco 2020 result is out

  8. Is it true that neco result is out

  9. Adeleke Sikiru Tolulope

    When are going to receive our neco results

  10. when neco result will be release pls

  11. When Neco Rerult 2020 Is Out

  12. please the neco officials should release our result for admission processing,we dont even know the actual time our result will be out

  13. This thing is not working
    Iv’e been trying but it says that the candidate is not in internal ssce 2020.
    Pls what should I do.

  14. You mean neco oct/nov2020 is out

  15. But sir/ma can I still use my token that I purchase nw to check my result later because what am gotten is that am not among the candidate that wrote the exam this last year

  16. Pls how do we purchase token

  17. Pls is neco 2020 result is out for internal?

  18. Ibrahim Abdullahi

    But I want know specific date (neco) result is out?

  19. Please has anyone see his/her own because I can’t check mine

  20. Pls ooo, I have not been able to see my result and no one that I know that wrote with me has been able to see theirs.

  21. But i had that the result is going to be release on 11 of this month… And i had that after 43days that we finish our exam it will be out.

  22. Is it true the 2020 neco result is out today

  23. Al my believe dat i wil pas my exam .bt dey problem is which month are dey goin to release, since addmission is stil on process pls fg we wan dis result in hurry

  24. Please help us and release the result

  25. Thy should help release the results in a hurry o

  26. When are they releasing our 2020 Neco results please?? We’ve anticipated enough!!

  27. Hello is neco result 2020 out? Who has seen their results

  28. Is it true that result isvout?

  29. Ololade Oluwatobi

    Neco ssce result will be out when?

  30. Pls, how can I check my result without token?

  31. abduol major mae ganiya

    Is it true that the 2020 neco result have release

  32. Please when will tue the chemistry practical be out

  33. Pls release our government result, I want rigistre for postume

  34. Pls when will be economics and commerce be out I really need them for my admission requirements

  35. When will chemistry result be realised coz chemistry is part of the major subject I needed for my admission pls help us time is going. It will not be good if the school close their portal before the the will be out

  36. When Is Chemistry Result going to come out, cos i really need it 4 my admission

  37. Pls when will neco release endsars result because have pay school and I need my results pls

  38. I have pending in my neco this year 2021 in my chemistry alone and please sir when they release the result

  39. When we they release chemistry result which date pls kindly realise it bcos I need it for my admission

  40. Please when will economics will be out

  41. Please ,when is the Neco GCE result be out and is this result meet up with the admission this year

  42. Pls the school portal is about to close and they haven’t release our chemistry result and I need it for my admission processing,what can I do now?

    • lay complains to the school, by email or visit in person

      • I have lay the complain to the school but the provost didn’t agree he said until my chemistry result is out please I need this chemistry result our portal is about to close and our exam is starting soonest please sir what can I do about it don’t let my money to be wasted I have already paid the school fees

      • Please when is neco results pandemic will be out, still waiting for it, they’ve now yet give me admission, please

  43. I failed my (oau)putme cos my chem was pending and wasn’t calculated with my main score….. I couldn’t post the result that way……pls it’s taking too long….the result is becoming useless to others needing it for 2020 admission

  44. Please when will the pending results be released??
    Please I need answers.
    My school’s portal is about to close.

  45. Pls when is neco chemistry result will be out i need it for my admission pls its very urgent

  46. Pls when will neco release commerce result it has been delaying me for admission my school portal will close this week

  47. Pls when will neco release commerce result it has been delaying me for admission my school portal will close this week

  48. When is Neco releasing the results of Lagos state Economics and Commerce examinations done in 2021

  49. Please when is the chemistry going to be out ??

  50. Please is neco chemistry result out??

  51. What’s is happening, our NECO pending results are yet to be out.

    When are we expecting it.

  52. Please help us ask neco naaaa for our chemistry result ,we need it and please why is it taking so long to just release the result ,many of us need this chemistry cos it compulsory for our admission

  53. Please help us ask neco naaaa for our chemistry result ,we need it and please why is it taking so long to just release the result ,many of us need this chemistry cos it compulsory for our admission .

  54. When will Neco release results for chemistry I have been denied admission blc it still indicates pending its fustrating I need it to register for other exams

  55. Please when will the pending results be released because it’s affecting so many people seriously because they’re among the core subjects we need

    • Please when are we going to see our chemistry result,we don’t even know our stand again.
      Is it now a crime to write Neco. we have been denied admission, is it jamb we can’t even do?
      Yet we used our hard earned money to register for this exam and yet our chemistry result is not yet out up till now.
      is more than 43 days now we can’t even do anything again because we don’t have chemistry.
      What a country so painful and unbelievable!!

  56. Please help us to contact neco office for the release of our pending chemistry result my school gave us d last chance to upload our result latest on 25th and today is 22 please help

  57. Please they should release our chemistry result na??

  58. Please, 4Godsake, release this result nah

  59. Neco why? This unfair ooo you never think about us that need the neco result, now they have close my school portal, all the money i spent are now in vain. I swear am not going to forgive you all.

  60. Pls will our neco pending result be released before the end of this month

  61. Pls when will the pending results be released? Have we not anticipated enough?

  62. Please when will neco chemistry result be out…many students have been denied admission because it’s pending..☹️☹️

  63. God will never forgive those in charge of this neco chemistry result if the didn’t release. The must surely face the consequences if they did nothing release this result.this is the worst wickedness on Earth we paid for this yet the are depriving us of our result.most of us have lost our admission because of this chemistry result.this is totally un called for
    Please release our results which kind of wickedness is this in this country?

  64. When will neco pending result be out

  65. Please neco officer have mercy on us release our chemistry plz for God sake

  66. When will our neck chemistry results be released
    I finally lost my admission because of this same result and I want to register jamb this year but I don’t want to register with awaiting results
    Plz Neco should please make a quick decision and release our results

  67. Please I need help concerning my economics neco result,it’s still pending and I need the results for my jamb
    I have rewrite the economics but it’s still writing pending.pls I need help oo
    Please do something about it

  68. Please release our pending chemistry result this is totally unfair

  69. This country have failed out!
    How many months now nothing is being said or done about our pending chemistry result.Those who are meant to do something are just folding their arms and watching . Exam we paid for ooo yet the decides to treat us this way.most of us have lost our admission because of this chemistry result .
    This is the peak of wickedess. Neco officials why????????????? Please release our results nahis more than 55days now contrary to how many days Neco stays to release result. Please release our results for God sake

  70. Please sir my economic and chemistry is still on pending
    I really need it for my jamb registration
    Please sir I really need it sir before jamb closes

  71. Ahamefula BEST Chioma

    When are the going to release the awaiting chemistry result

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