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10 Proven Reasons Why You May Fail Waec 2021

Reasons Why You  May Fail Waec

10 Proven Reasons Why You May Fail Waec 2021: So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question: What are the 10 reasons why people fail waec.

Well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “Reasons Why You May Fail Waec 2021 will get your answers below, continue reading!

After the release of the WAEC 2020 results and also the JAMB results, I have seen the result of so many candidates. While some passed excellently, others passed while the rest failed. In this article, I will be focusing on Reasons Why You May Fail Waec 2021.


However, I will only limit it to WAEC examinations. A lot of candidates have asked me different questions including:
  • Why did I fail WAEC? 
  • What should I do to pass waec 2021?
  • How Do I Pass Waec 2021?
  • what must I do not fail waec 2021?
  • I wrote the waec examination very well but still failed, why?

 I have decided to use this article to provide the right answer to all these questions. I will not only discuss why you may fail waec examination but also how to pass your next waec examinationWhy did you fail the waec examination? Your reason for failing the examination might be an external or personal reason. These external factors include:

  • Human error(error from your examination marker or recorder) 
  • Error during result upload

 However, 98% of examination failure is usually due to personal reasons as these external factors seldom occur. As a result, I don’t want you to use the above external factors as a reason for your failure unless you are not guilty of the personal reasons below.

10 Proven Reasons Why You May Fail Waec 2021


Trust me! This is the main reason why students fail the Waec examination. Ask yourself “Did I study enough?”. You only write what you know during the Waec examination, and you only know what you read. You might, however, study very well but still fail, why? Because your reading is not effective. Read this article on “How to read effectively and remember everything” to see the best reading practices you must cultivate while studying.


There is no way you can give the correct answer to the wrong question. What do I mean by this? Take a look at some of the questions that involve the word “NOT”. You might be asked, “Which of the following is not a verb?” and you are provided with the options (a) Read (b) Book (c) Jump (d) Write. A lot of students will choose option A immediately without checking other options. Why? Because they thought the question was “Which of the following is a verb?”. I was once a victim of this occurrence. I discovered it is due to fear or being in a rush while reading the question.

What to do: Read each question carefully at least twice and make sure you understand it.

Your writing is too poor:

Writing is the most important element. It is the first thing people see. You need to give examiners the impression that you understand what you are doing or risk losing his attention.

Your writing sets an expectation for the reader. He believes. “when I go through this beautiful writing, I will be able to see something meaningful” Low and behold, he sees disaster.

Great writing can be a positive or negative sentiment, but above all is that it is not very easy to ignore. Make your writing more readable. Let there be little spaces between words. Make the sentences short and simple as well. This tip will help you overcome poor performance in school.


Do you even know that a lot of candidates fail waec examination because of some mistakes they have failed to take note of? You might have made one of these costly mistakes. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have provided a list of these mistakes and how you can avoid them. The articles below will definitely help you to achieve this.


Students fail waec examination because they have failed to answer questions within the required course. Some students want to explain more than required. As a result, they write out of point. You might think you will bag some bonus marks by including additional explanation but end up scoring very low.

Do not misquote! It is not a bad idea giving additional information in your answers but ensures you do not write out of point. You might be writing something meaningful but does not fit into the question asked.

While some markers like this, most don’t. Since you don’t know the type of person that will mark your examination, the best thing to do is to avoid it.

What to do: Don’t write unnecessary information unless it is within the course of the question. Ensure you write answers that suits the questions asked.

You are too slow

One of the major factors sponsoring poor performance in waec examinations is the time factor. I have been in a situation where I had to attempt 100 “mighty” questions in about forty minutes. Before I knew what was going on, they had already started collecting scripts. That was when I realized that it is not just about being a 9jajointlearner”, but attempting questions in joint style”.

Learn through practice. Time yourself while practising likely exam questions. You may want to start with 5 minutes per question. As time goes on, reduce it to about 40 or 20 seconds as the case may be. It is time to start solving in seconds so as to overcome the babe called poor performance.


Imagine a 400L student reading an O-level textbook to prepare for an examination, what do you expect? Failure, nothing more!. Every examination body has provided a list of recommended textbooks to be used by candidates. You should note that questions will be asked from these recommended textbooks. You might have failed because you did not read the recommended textbooks.


Another costly mistake students make is leaving simple questions untouched and attempting difficult ones first. This is a very bad idea that you should not even think of. You might be thinking “Why shouldn’t I solve harder ones when my brain is not stressed and come back to the easier ones?”. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should not do it below.

  • It wastes your time.
  • If you solve easier ones first and you are at least sure of getting them right, it keeps your body motivated and improve your brain function to solve difficult ones.
  • If you solve difficult ones first and you don’t get them, you become frustrated that you won’t be able to solve even the so-called easier ones.
  • Ask yourself, what is the probability of getting the difficult questions right when eventually you don’t have time to solve simpler questions.

Have you now seen the reason why you should not solve difficult questions first and the negative effects of doing so?

What to do: Solve easier questions first. It will help you to bag enough marks and save time to come back to difficult ones.

You never crossed checked

Don’t submit your answers immediately. Cross-check it multiple times for all possible sources of error.

For example, you may have forgotten to include the S.I units. And for those writing exams with multiple-choice questions, check if the answer you picked has the correct unit.

You will be amazed by the mistakes you correct when you try to cross-check. As a matter of fact, you are not perfect. So, there is need to cross-check your work.

You see students say things like, “I wrote the exam very well, yet poor performance”. Some claim that the examiner deliberately failed them. Well, I don’t know why any examiner would want to intentionally fail you.


Students also make the mistake of neglecting instruction during the Waec examination. You might think examiners don’t take it seriously, but yes they do!. Each instruction given to you in the examination hall determines whether you pass or not.

What to do: Always heed instructions. Don’t start when you are not told to, if you are told to answer 4 questions, don’t attempt 5questions.


  • Your poor performance resulted from your Copy and Paste attitude:
    You always copy and paste people’s work. How are you sure that they are correct? Who told you that the answer they will text to you in the next JAMB is correct?. Work hard and say no to examination malpractice.
    Students write the right answer in the wrong way and lose marks. The inappropriate use of the English language is another mistake that student makes during the Waec examination. This in most cases will give a wrong meaning to the right answer. Do you even know that students make mistakes in the use of English, and yet they don’t know they are making any mistake? Yes, they do!.
I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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