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Topics Where Jamb Repeated Questions Comes From

Jamb Repeated Questions

Joint admission matriculation board is popularly known is a body that sees to the conducting of the joint admission matriculation examines. This is s popularly known examination and its written by almost all the students who graduated from secondary. Writing jamb is a must for you if you won’t have a BSc or any other degree. To pass jamb is quite easy all you have to do is to know and master the jamb repeated questions.

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Jamb doesn’t just conduct examination; they also decide where and when of the examination. Joint admission matriculation board determines the time students are to write the joint admission matriculation examination, without them releasing the date it would be impossible for students to know when to writes their exams. Students must be aware of the fact that having an excellent result In jamb is very easy all you have to do is to get yourself a past question and treat them well. This is because there are jamb repeated questions which are repeated almost every year.

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Having over 300 in jamb is highly visible, most students who write jamb believes this is very high and its quite impossible to achieve. This idea or believe is very wrong, it’s very possible to score well in the jamb exam all you need to do is to get yourself a past question and read and solve them. When you solve past questions pay attention to the jamb repeated questions and focus on them well.

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Topics Where Jamb Repeated Questions Come From

Students should know that all repeated past questions come topics in the textbook. It’s of high importance for you to be aware of these topics. Even though you treat past questions and read the answers in the past questions, you must still go to the textbook and read more on the topic from the jamb repeated questions came from. Below are some of the topics from different subjects for science students from which jamb repeated questions come from;

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  • Transformers
  • Genetics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Vowel sound
  • Mirror and lens
  • Reproduction
  • Stress patterns
  • Newton’s law of motion
  • Differentiation
  • Integration

The above topics are essential for students to read on and as well master when reading. This will enhance their excellence in jamb

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