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Ways To Prepare And Pass Post UTME In 7 Days 2021

Ways To Prepare And Pass Post UTME In 7 Days 2020

Whether or not your Jamb score was okay, your main focus now should be how to pass your post UTME and gain admission once and for all. Do you want to pass post utme 2021? are you searching for the best ways to prepare and pass post utme 2021? how can I pass post utme 2021? is it possible to pass post utme 2021 when I failed jamb?

Do schools accept 160 jamb scores? can I gain admission to study mass communications with 197? what should I do to gain admission? How to prepare and pass Unilag post UTME in one week? How to pass the University of Benin (Uniben) post UTME? How to blast OAU Post UTME in 1 week?

How to pass AAU post UTME in one week? University of Nigeria post UTME guide? How to prepare for Covenat University in one week? 9jajointlearn post UTME guide? How to prepare for UNILORIN Post UTME? How to pass Abu Zaria post UTME? How to pass post UTME in any Federal University? How prepare for State universities post UTME? How to prepare and pass private University screening? How to prepare for University of …… Post UTME screening.

If your school suddenly releases Post UTME form and expects you to miraculously register and prepare for the examination the next week then preparing to pass Post UTME in less than two weeks becomes your best bet.

Now, you are wondering, am I going to fail or is it possible to prepare and pass post UTME in just one week? The good news is that you can prepare for post UTME in one week and still score very high.

Post UTME cometh not but to scare, stress and test you. I have come that you may pass and gain admission more abundantly.

Let’s find out the possibility of preparing for post UTME in one week and still getting a score that guarantees admission into any Federal, State or Private school of Your Choice.

If you are still bothered whether the trick I shall teach you in this article will work or not, then quickly jump to the next paragraph.

months ago, I wrote an article on how to prepare and blast Jamb in two weeks. Funny enough, it helped many of my students score above 300. You may also want to see how one of my students scored as high as 337 in Jamb here.

Back to the topic, “how to prepare and pass post UTME in one week“. Take a glass of chilled water and let’s begin the journey.

Prepare And Blast Post UTME In One Week

If you are not fully prepared for 2021 post UTME, this is a golden opportunity for you. Follow the steps below to prepare and pass post UTME in one week.

Remember, it is better to train a child than to repair an adult.

  1. Forget Jamb score
  2. Have admission Vision
  3. Have Sense Of Urgency
  4. Forget reading
  5. Study with Post UTME past questions
  6. Improve your speed and accuracy
  7. You need Jamb and waec questions
  8. Answer random questions
  9. Solve without calculator
  10. Focus on English
  11. Keep visiting 9jajointlearn and any other good tutorial centre.

To ensure that yo don’t miss out any information, I will now explain the ten steps above in details.

Forget Jamb score

Neglecting Jamb score is the first thing I warn every post UTME candidate to do.

Don’t let what you score in Jamb get into your head. As a matter of fact, your Jamb score may turn out to be your greatest undoing.

Over the years, I have found out that those with low Jamb score perform better than those with higher score. This because those who had high score in Jamb are more relaxed. They think Jamb score will do everything for them. On the other hand, those with low Jamb score do everything to blast post UTME. It is their last hope.

Whether or not your Jamb score was okay, your main focus now should be how to pass your post UTME and gain admission once and for all. Hope you understand?

Have Admission Vision (Av)

The problem with many aspirants is that they don’t have vision; they only have television. If wishes were horses, even biscuit beggars would ride.

To ensure that you are able to read and pass post UTME in one week, you should say no to the following:

  • 24 hours on Facebook
  • Irrelevant chat on Whatsapp
  • 2Go And Gossip on Twitter
  • Following and Looking for followers on Instagram
  • Spending too much time in front of your TV

The only thing you should allow to bother you are things that are related to your post UTME and would help you gain admission.

Have Sense Of Urgency

Live your life with sense of urgency. Have the mentality, “I am behind schedule”

Do what ever you need to do and as fast as possible; Even if it may involve you missing some services in church or Mosque, do it.

If you miss admission this year, you will surely take Jamb again next year. What if luck is not on your side? Two years will just go like that.

You don’t have much time… Therefore, spend the little time you have wisely so as to accomplish the most important tasks relevant to your 2019 post UTME.

Ensure you already have good text books and past questions for your 2021 Post UTME aptitude test. NO TIME TO CHECK TIME

Forget Reading

I should forget reading? Sir, What do you mean by forget reading? Move to the next paragraph...

You read for your waec and Jamb, isn’t it? Fine… The questions you will get in post UTME are not far what you already read in Jamb and Waec.

Don’t try to read new topics or start reading your textbooks over and over again. This may do you more harm than good.

You may be wondering, if not reading, what should I be doing? Jump to number five and nine for what you should do instead of reading new topics.

Study With Post UTME Past Questions

What matters right now is your ability to know what your school demands and how to answer their question and score very high in post UTME.

Past questions are prophecy of future questions. Studying them thoroughly makes you a post UTME prophet.

Apart from the fact that studying with past questions help you know the type of questions to expect and the topic your school likes setting questions from; you will see most of the questions repeated in the exam.

Your school repeats past questions word for word. Don’t be deceived by what anyone tells you.

Should I study post UTME past questions alone? Hell NO. I said study with post UTME past questions and not study post UTME past questions. This implies that your text book and post UTME past questions should be at your table. You need both of them. The textbook is to cross check the questions you are not sure about in the Past Question Paper.

Ensure to answer as many past questions as possible. Don’t cram past questions; understand how the questions are solved (Then solve it again without looking at the answer).

Solve or answer every question at least three times. The more you solve a particular problem, the more you are used to it.

Some persons practice questions only once. This is why they forget a lot in the exam hall.

Answer post UTME past questions and look up the questions you don’t understand in your textbook.

You may click here to get 9jajointlearn post UTME application. It contains post UTME questions for different schools.

Improve Your Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are the utmost requirements in post UTME. You always don’t have time to finish in the exam hall. Your best bet is to learn how to answer questions at the speed of light.

I won’t dwell on this. I have already prepared an article on how to answer post UTME questions at the speed of light. You may now click here to answer questions very fast in your examination.

You Need Jamb And Waec Questions

Schools also set waec and Jamb standard questions in their post Jamb. Revising Jamb and waec past questions won’t be a bad idea for you.

Answer Random Questions

If possible, pick questions from the street and solve them. Just be aggressive and voracious. Be as hot as possible.

Solve without a calculator

Most schools don’t allow the use of a calculator in post UTME. Your best bet is to practice post UTME questions without a calculator. The good news is that the questions your school shall set are solvable without a calculator.

Focus on English

In most institutions, questions from the use of English carry the lion’s share. E.g, if you can answer only the English questions correctly in Uniben post UTME, you will pass. Brush up on your use of English.

Read Also: How to answer comprehension questions in post UTME

Keep Visiting 9jaJointLearn And Any Other Good Tutorial Centre

Every great man is a helped man. You can’t do everything alone. The journey is too far that you may end up a leper walking alone.

You need people to mentor you. I will advise you to keep visiting 9jajointlearn for guide and as well attend any good lecture house around. It will be of great help to you.

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