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How Long Does It Take For NECO Result To Be Out? – (Neco Series Pt2)

You’re currently reading How Long Does It Take For NECO Result To Be Out?!. So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question When will Neco Release result for 2020/2021?

How Long Does It Take For NECO Result To Be Out

Well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “How Long Does It Take NECO  To Release Results? will get your answers below, continue reading!

Good news to all the 9JajointLearners Neco candidates worldwide, we have just lunch our online Neco Series 2021 to assist the current and up and coming Neco candidates in the whole of Nigeria. this is part 2 of this series and you can check out part 3 HERE or part 1 HERE

How Long Does It Take For NECO Result To Be Out?

The direct answer to the above questions is “49” Neco normally releases result exactly 49 days after the last paper was written, as the examination was conducted from Monday, 26th October to Wednesday, 25th November 2020.

The 9jajointlearn Neco Series is a simplified learning approach designed to guide Neco candidates.

I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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  1. Hello to the NECO crew, this article has not answered my question on how to get the NECO certificate online. I wrote the exam in 2015 as an internal candidate in Obubra , Crossrivers State. I want to know if it is possible to get the certificate from your website instead of traveling back to the school. If it is possible, how do I go about it. I’d really appreciate a quick and helpful response from your team. Thanks.

  2. When are the gonna update the economics? My school have already started admission

  3. Osa-osagie Ewaen Praise

    When is Next going to release result for missed subjects in 2020 internal exams

  4. When is NECO releasing the results of the missed papers like Economics and Commerce because my admission depends on them and my choice of institution has started giving admission.

  5. Is this same to neco Gce
    49 Days be the result can be out

  6. It already 49 do days,so what still delaying

  7. Pls how long will it take neco to release our pending result.pls I want an urgent reply…

  8. This already 51days after neco GCE exam, when should will be respecting our result, or will u use a whole year to mark a paper , infact those in charge of this exam are not capable to be there, if u are tired ,y can’t they resign and go for something else instead of delaying our precious time, all the institution have started given an admission to people in lies of Uni -Ilorin, futa, lautech, fut minna, Oau .ui and so on like that…

  9. Michael Collins

    how long does it take for Neco internal (June/July) original Certificate to be ready?
    not the online printout please.

  10. Please neco official, please I need statement of result for 2020 Nov/Dec and I’ve take your office as a home now just because of statement of result, please, I need it for registration this week and isn’t yet out and I’ve pay acceptance fees, pardon us

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