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Does Mass Communication Require Maths? – See Answers

Does Mass Communication Require Maths?

You’re currently reading Does Mass Communication Require Maths? – See Answers. So many students online search this topic or rather they ask this question Is Math Compulsory for Mass Communication? well, I answered the most I could answer and I thought it as a wise idea to put this article down here so you all searching for “Does Mass Communication Require Maths??” will get your answers below, continue reading!

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What Is Mass Communication

Mass communication is the process of imparting and exchanging information through mass media to large segments of the population. It is usually understood for relating to various forms of media, as these technologies are used for the dissemination of information, of which journalism and advertising are part of. Wikipedia

What is mass communication examples?

Common communication channels in mass communication include television, radio, social media, and print media. Examples of mass communication include commercial advertising, public relations, journalism, and political campaigning.

Does Mass Communication Require Maths?

The answer to the above questions is “NO“. You absolutely don’t need Math to study  Mass Communication at the university. Rather, the key subjects that you need (English, Literature in English and any other two subjects) if you already got credit pass in government. thankfully, you passed government, another Art subject that may be key, and got the required minimum of 4 subjects. So that should be good enough for Mass communication in any Nigerian university.

List of Jamb Compulsory Subjects for Law

  1. English
  2. Literature in English
  3. Government
  4. and any other one subject

I hope I have answered your question, now please share to your loved ones and don’t forget to remind me in anyone you feel am not correct by using the comment box below!

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