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Waec Physics And Hot Questions 2021 – What To Expect

Waec Physics And Hot Questions

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Waec Physics is important to every Waec 2021 Art Candidate. Read on for Sample Questions Waec would set in 2021 Physics Objective and Theory or click here for Waec 2021 Physics Syllabus.

2021 Waec Physics: What are the areas Waec will set Physics Questions from and how do I get Waec Physics 2021 OBJ And Essay Questions? Waec Physics And Hot Questions is what we shall discuss here.

Waec 2021 Physics 1 & 2 Questions

You have asked the questions, what are the areas Waec sets questions in Physics? I am here to give you bold answers to your question.

To make this topic easy for you to understand, I will divide it into three sections. The three sections are:

  1. Waec 2021 Physics Objective Questions
  2. 2021 Waec Physics Essay Questions And Answers.
  3. Instructions To Pass Waec 2021 Examination.

Waec 2021 Physics Objective Questions

As usual, you will be given questions and options A to E to choose from. Normally, the number of objective questions (OBJ) you are to answer in Waec 2021 Physics Science is 50.

The Following Are Sample Waec Objective Questions. They are likely Physics questions for Waec 2021.

1. The instrument to measure the relative density of light is

  1. thermometer
  2. hydrometer
  3. spring balance
  4. beaker

2. What is the speed of a body vibrating at 50 cyclic per second

  1. 100 πrads
  2. 200 πrads
  3. 50 πrads
  4. 400 πrads

3. The action of blotting paper on ink is due to

  1. diffusion
  2. osmosis
  3. capillarity
  4. surface tension

4. When two mirrors are placed at an angle of 900 to each other, how many images will be formed when an object is placed in front of the mirrors

  1. 5
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 2

5. If silicon is doped with phosphorus, what type of semiconductor material will be formed?

  1. Zener material
  2. P-n junction
  3. n-type
  4. p-type

6. A car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25m/s in 20 secs. The power developed in the engine is

  1. 1 . 25 x 104 W
  2. 2 . 50 x 104 W
  3. 1 . 25 x 106W
  4. 2 . 50 x 106 W

7. When the brakes in a car are applied, the frictional force on the tyres is

  1. is a disadvantage because it is in the direction of the motion of the car
  2. is a disadvantage because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the car
  3. is an advantage because it is in the direction of the motion of the car
  4. is an advantage because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the car

8. If the stress on a wire is 107NM-2 and the wire is stretched from its original length of 10.00 cm to 10.05 cm. The young’s modulus of the wire is

  1. 5 . 0 x 104 Nm-2
  2. 5 . 0 x 105 Nm-2
  3. 2 . 0 x 108 Nm-2
  4. 2 . 0 x 109 Nm-2

9. A solid weigh 10 .00 N in air, 6 N when fully immersed in water and 7 . 0 N when fully immersed in a liquid X. Calculate the relative density of the liquid, X.

  1. 5/3
  2. 4/3
  3. 3/4
  4. 7/10

10. When the temperature of liquid increases, its surface tension

  1. Decreases
  2. Increases
  3. Remain Constant
  4. Increases then decrease

11. A gas at a volume of V0 in a container at pressure P0 is compressed to one-fifth of its volume. What will be its pressure if the magnitude of its original temperature T is constant?

  1. P0/5
  2. 4P0/5
  3. P0
  4. 5P0

12. A piece of the substance of specific head capacity 450JKg-1K-1 falls through a vertical distance of 20m from rest. Calculate the rise in temperature of the substance on hitting the ground when all its energies are converted into heat. [g = 10ms-2]

  1. 2/9°C
  2. 4/9°C
  3. 9/4°C
  4. 9/2°C

13. I. A liquid boils when its saturated vapour pressure is equal to the external pressure

  • II. Dissolved substances in pure water lead to an increase in the boiling point.
  • III. When the external pressure is increased, the boiling point increases.
  • IV. Dissolved substances in pure water decrease the boiling point.

14. Which combination of the above are peculiarities of the boiling point of a liquid?

  • I, II and III
  • I, II, III and IV
  • I, II and IV
  • II, III and IV

15. The temperature gradient across a copper rod of thickness 0.02m, maintained at two temperature junctions of 20°C and 80°C respectively is

  1. 3.0 x 102Km-1
  2. 3.0 x 103Km-1
  3. 5.0 x 103Km-1
  4. 3.0 x 104Km-1

16. Calculate the mass of ice that would melt when 2kg of copper is quickly transferred from boiling water to a block of ice without heat loss;
Specific heat capacity of copper = 400JKg-1K-1
Latent heat of fusion of ice = 3.3 x 105JKg-1

  1. 8/33kg
  2. 33/80kg
  3. 80/33kg
  4. 33/8kg

17. A semiconductor diode is used in rectifying alternating current into direct current mainly because it

  1. allows current to flow in either direction
  2. is non-linear
  3. offers a high input resistance
  4. allows current to flow only in one direction

18. if ˆ†x is the uncertainty in the measurement of the position of a particle along the x-axis and ˆ†Px is the uncertainty in the measurement of the linear momentum along the x-axis, then the uncertainty principle relation is given as

19. When a ship sails from saltwater into freshwater, the fraction of its volume above the water surface will

  1. increase
  2. decrease
  3. remain the same
  4. increase then decrease

20. I. Its velocity is constant
II. No work is done on the body
III. It has constant acceleration directed away from the centre
IV. The centripetal force is directed towards the centre

21. Which combination of the above is true of a body moving with constant speed in a circular track?

  • II and IV
  • I and IV
  • II and III
  • I and III

22. The velocity ratio of a machine is 5 and its efficiency is 75%. What effort would be needed to lift a load of 150N with the machine?

  1. 20N
  2. 30N
  3. 40N
  4. 50N

23. The instrument used to measure the pressure of a gas is

  1. barometer
  2. thermometer
  3. hygrometer
  4. manometer

24. A man of mass 50kg ascends a flight of stains 5m high in 5 seconds. If acceleration due to gravity is 10ms the power expended is

  1. 100w
  2. 200w
  3. 400w
  4. 500w

25. A radio station broadcast at a frequency of 600KHZ. If the speed of light in air is 3 Ã- 108ms. Calculate the wavelength of the radio wave

  1. 2.20 Ã- 1033m
  2. 5.0 Ã- 1022m
  3. 5.0 Ã- 1055m
  4. 11.8 Ã- 101111m

26. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

  1. Tension
  2. Weight
  3. Impulse
  4. Mass

27. Determine the focal length of a thin converging lens if the power is 5.0 dioptres

  1. 0.1 m
  2. 0.2 m
  3. 2.0 m
  4. 2.5 m

Note: Waec Timetable, the Examination date for Objective and Essay paper are on Wednesday 8th May 2021.

Physics Waec 2021 Theory Questions And Answers

The following are the kind of questions you should expect in Waec 2021 Physics Theory or Essay. They are hot cake questions:

1. Write a short note on the following quantities…

  1. Tension
  2. Weight
  3. Impulse
  4. Mass
  5. Force

2. List and explain the three of Newton’s laws of motion.

Waec 2021 Examination Instructions

  1. Do not open your question paper until you are told to do so
  2. USE HB pencil throughout in the OBJ Section
  3. You are free to use Biro in the theory part
  4. You are allowed to use a calculator to solve
  5. Make sure that you fill your name, Subject, paper, paper code and other examination details where necessary.
  6. Ensure that the texts in your question papers are boldly printed
  7. Behave yourself.
  8. Don’t let invigilators catch you using expo

That’s all for Waec Physics And Hot Questions… I shall update you when more real-life questions and answers come up. However, I advise that you are hardworking so as to pass your Waec once and for all.

I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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